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9 Simple Questions to Make Your Fashion Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Calling all you fashion lovers, its fashion spring cleaning time. That’s right. Time to take a thorough inventory of your wardrobe to see what’s worth keeping and what you should probably get rid of. For most of us, this type of spring cleaning is either something you dread or something you are absolutely looking forward to.

If you’re the person who dreads spring cleaning, rule #1 is to not get over zealous and start tossing everything into the “no” pile. After all, a part of your wardrobe is still that   that everyone gives you compliments on year after year so we know that there are staple pieces that you can definitely keep.
As the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. The question is, how do you determine what is old? After all, it’s only a year right? Those stilettos that you just had to have for your company party still look amazing and that yellow silk scarf that reminded you of fresh cut tulips back in April will give you the same feeling this coming April, right? Having issues deciding? Not to fret. We have a simple 9 question guide you can use to determine which items you should keep or resell, consign or donate! If you can’t unequivocally say yes to any of these questions, you know what needs to happen!

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1. When’s the last time you’ve worn this item? Was it recently, within the past year or was this item remnants of last years fashion spring cleaning?
2. Is this item something you can wear on a special occasion, say a brunch, informal business meeting or to opening night at the theatre?
3. Do you own the same item but in a different color?
4. Is this item free from any permanent stains, rips or holes? Check closely.
5. Is the style of this item still popular?
6. You didn’t gain any weight this past year so this item still fits as perfect as the day you first tried it on right? Be honest.
7. Is than an expensive designer piece that has monetary value?
8. Does this item have sentimental value?
9. Given the chance, would you purchase this item again on your very next shopping spree?
We’re dying to know your fashion spring cleaning answers but regardless of what you decide, we hope that this guide provided a little guidance on your fashion spring cleaning. If you did have a few pieces that ended up in the “toss” pile, make sure that you resell, consign or donate the item.
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