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Card Cubby Review

I’ll admit it: I always have trouble finding the perfect wallet since most don’t have enough space to hold all my cards. I end up having to decide which cards I use most often and the ones that don’t make the cut are left in one of my drawers at home. If you’re part of several retail reward programs like I am, they basically send you a card and numerous coupons on a daily basis, which makes it hard to stay organized. Luckily, I was saved from my irritation and clutter when I was introduced to a Cardy Cubby. This handy item (pictured above) is a great way to file your gift and reward cards in alphabetical order, saving you time on future shopping trips while keeping you organized. You can even use it to keep receipts and business cards in order. I like to carry around my wallet and Card Cubby in my purse to make it easier when I’m shopping or in a rush.
If you’re really on a mission while running those errands, you can even use the Card Cubby as a wallet. It has a clear slip in the back where you can carry your ID and a small zipper pocket to store cash and coins. If you don’t have room to carry your Card Cubby in your bag, another great place to keep it is in your car. You never know when you might have to run an errand and the last thing you want to realize is that you left your gift card at home.
This cute item comes in colors such as black, red, purple and even a crocodile print! My favorite is the Really Red Croc. A Card Cubby retails at $23.50 and is definitely a worthwhile investment. They make a great gift, too! To learn more visit
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Card Cubby Review: Photograph courtesy of Card Cubby

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