Branding Tips for Your Fashion Business

tips for your fashion business

Starting your own fashion business can be incredibly exciting so we decided to bring you some branding tips for your fashion business. Fashion is a massive portion of the economy, with worldwide revenue for eCommerce fashion in 2018 reported to be around $481.2 billion in 2018. But, while a strong industry and market make it possible for new businesses to start, it also means that there is a lot of competition and that many new businesses in the fashion industry struggle, or even fail within the first year or two. 

tips for your fashion business

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If you want to make your fashion business work, there is plenty that you need to do. You’ll want to identify a gap in the market, create a business and marketing plan, and spend time seeking out your target market. You’ll certainly want to commit time to creating quality products that people are happy to spend money on. You’ll want to choose between an online store and a brick and mortar shop, or you might consider opening both. You are bound to spend plenty of time before you launch thinking about product lines, pricing strategies, suppliers, and materials, as well as working on specific designs. But, one area that you can’t afford to neglect is branding. 

Your branding will be what gets you noticed and remembered. It will help people to take you seriously and help you to make an emotional connection with your customers. So, let’s take a look at some branding tips to help you. 

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Create a Memorable Logo

Your logo is a crucial part of your branding. People will know it as well as they know your company name. It might be displayed on your products. It will be on your social media feeds, websites, emails, business cards, signage, and even invoices. 

Often, the best logos are the simplest. Think of the logos that you love. They are rarely complicated. It should be easy on the eye, nice to look at and appealing. It’s worth taking your time to get your logo right, as other branding decisions will depend on it. 

Focus on Your Message

Your branding should reflect your message. What are the core values behind your business? Write these down, they will be vital as you grow, and you might need the occasional reminder. Think about why you want to start your own business, what you would like to change about the industry, what you’d like to do differently. Think about what makes your brand different from all of the others, and how you want to make people feel. Good branding isn’t just recognizable. It should also make people feel. It should help you to build relationships with your customers, creating emotional connections.

Develop a Brand Story

Take this message and your company values and use them to create a brand story. This can be an essential part of your branding development, as many of your customers will be keen to learn more about you and your company. 

Write your story down in an about me page on your website. Write about who you are, why you want a business, how you plan to help people, and why. Write about where you see your brand in the future, and who your customers are. Parts of your story could also be featured on your products, packaging, and marketing materials. 

Stick to a Color Scheme

You don’t need a color scheme. Just because your logo is primarily one color, doesn’t mean that everything else needs to be that color. But, it can help to make your brand more recognizable, which is especially important in the early days of your business, when you need to get noticed. 

Try to avoid trends. When they stop being trendy, you might be stuck with them. Keep things simple, using a few colors that work well together, but are subtle and don’t overwhelm. Use these on your logo and headers on your social media profiles, offline materials, and the accents on your websites. You might even want to use them in your office decor. 

tips for your fashion business

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Make Sure it’s Versatile and Scalable

Businesses today don’t just have a logo on their business cards and products. It will be on your website, your social media profiles, your email header. It might be in your office and on your offline marketing materials. So, it needs to be versatile and scalable. You’ll need to be able to make it bigger and smaller, and change its shape, without losing meaning or quality. Keeping things simple can help. 

Consider Your Target Market

Your branding needs to appeal to your target market. So, you need to know who and where they are. Commit time to market research before making branding decisions.

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