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Brand to Watch: Chila Bags

Fun in the sun has a whole new meaning this summer with our latest fashion find. Colorful, authentic, and reminiscent of paradise, Chila Bags give us all of the summer feels that there ever were. After founder Laura Chica made a visit to the La Guajira desert in northern Colombia in 2013, Chila Bags was created. As shared by the founder herself, “While driving towards El Cabo de la Vela, a paradise-like place, we fell in love not only with the place, but also with the beautiful crafts hand-made by the women of the Wayuu tribe. [We] decided more people deserve to see and wear these colorful, cultural accessories.”

Chica’s inspiration made this incredibly beautiful brand bloom into something that we see as magic. Specializing in bags that are inspired by Wayuu women’s culture and traditions, each design is handmade by Wayuu women. It takes 10-15 days for these one-of-a-kind goods to be crafted, and each Wayuu woman is given the best opportunities to work, provide for their families, and share their culture with others. According to Chica, “The popularity of these bags is a great thing for these women, who sustain their villages’ economy by hand-making these pieces and selling them. They are truly a labor of love.” Through the creation of these bags comes the strength, love, and support that these Wayuu women carry within themselves each day, and in turn, they are given this as well through the growth of Chila Bags.

Each purchase from Chila Bags truly counts and helps sustain the indigenous tribes these women call home. Not only do they make gorgeous bags that we cannot get enough of, but they also handcraft hats and sandals that all pair so perfectly together. Can you think of the next trip you’ll need these for? We sure can!

As we swing these bags in tow along trips to the beach, stay-cations, across seas, and more, we can see the heart put into their design. From the vivid colors to the unique, eye-catching patterns, there isn’t a place in the world that a Chila bag wouldn’t turn heads in. Support the Wayuu tribes and purchase your own Chila bag or accessory at

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Brand to Watch: Chila Bags: Photographs courtesy of Chila Bags

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