Brand to Watch: Coco Cooper

We have all seen countless pictures of small models in sexy, skin-tight clothing promoting brands and collections everywhere. We have also seen a push in the fashion world to begin featuring plus-size models for diversity and inclusiveness. But who haven’t we seen represented in today’s fashion and media world? The Inbetweens.

Mid-sized or “inbetween” women seem to be the forgotten middle-child of fashion who get automatically placed in “regular” and “plus-sized” categories of clothing, leaving them with awkward and uncomfortable fits. If there are any fashionistas out there, then you know this is not okay! Luckily, brands are beginning to take a step towards discovering that middle ground in fashion, and one brand specifically stands out to us.
Coco Cooper is a new premium denim line based in the U.S. that focuses on creating high quality jeans perfectly crafted for curvy women who wear sizes 6 to 16. Their jeans focus on representing inbetween women in the body-positive movement so everyone can see themselves visually represented in the media.
“We think it’s important to represent the sizes that are so often overlooked in the fashion industry,” Vanessa Wuergler, Coco Cooper’s marketing manager, says. “We are a brand founded by women, so it’s important to us that our brand makes women feel good about themselves and their bodies.” And that’s exactly what Coco Cooper does!
Coco Cooper aspires to be the brand that every middle-woman needs because they believe every body type should be represented. “Jeans are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe,” Wuergler says. “The ultimate goal is to give curvy women a perfectly fitting jean that will inspire them to embrace their natural shape.”
Aside from the brand’s great message, Coco Cooper has designed premium jeans with quality denim and style to make every woman look her best. “Our pattern is based off of a curvy, size-29 model so it has the necessary shape to fit curves,” Wuergler says. “They’re designed to boost the booty and complement natural curves in every way.”
The luxe denim is designed with 360-degree movement in mind so it flatters curves and treats your body simultaneously. The jeans are silky soft and have been carefully designed so the waistband moves with you instead of digging into your waist. It also has a higher back rise so you don’t have to worry about flashing people when you sit down!
“We’ve put our heart and soul into Coco Cooper jeans,” Wuergler says. “We’ve paid attention to every last detail, from the luxe fabric from sustainable mills in Europe to the responsible manufacturing in Los Angeles, to give you the perfect pair of premium jeans.” And we’re in love.
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Brand to Watch: Coco Cooper. Image courtesy of Coco Cooper.

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