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Autumn shades – Seasonal wardrobe must-haves for 2019

fashion must haves for 2019

Autumn is a funny season. Caught between the glare and glamour of summer and the cozy rustic charms of winter, it’s neither/or and yet both at the same time. That leaves a lot of room when it comes to experimenting with your autumn wardrobe!  Today we want to share with you a short list of seasonal wardrobe must haves for 2019.

wardrobe must haves for 2019

DanaTentis / Pixabay

With the summer months dwindling and October on the horizon, what are the fashion must-haves for this year’s autumn season? Fashion is a cyclical mistress, so we’re well aware that you won’t be looking for  garments to wear once and then banish to the back of your wardrobe for all eternity. So, this year, we’re focusing on the kind of timeless trends that will feel as fashionably in 2099 as they do in 2019.

Animal print – This summer it was all about floral prints that highlighted bright colours and elaborate textures. This autumn, a similar style can be approximated with luxurious animal prints,  that provide a similar aesthetic but with darker, moodier tones. Whether you opt for stripes or spots, animal print will always fall in and out of style and this year it’s very much in.

wardrobe must haves for 2019

Nasra at Pexels

Floral – Whilst floral print was (as previously mentioned) very much a summer trend this year, the same style could easily be adapted for an autumn wardrobe. Just keep the colours darker and the hems longer and you’ll be laughing.

Trench coats – Whilst the floor-length leather trench coats worn by Keanu Reeves and co in the Matrix might be a little too 90’s for current tastes, there are plenty of lighter and more comfortable options to consider. A trench coat is, by its very nature, designed to be functional and comfortable and can withstand a heavy downpour without losing their looks. Opt for robust, military-style designs and classic beige colors if you want to remain on trend this autumn.

Knitwear – Knitted jumpers will never not be incredibly warm and comfy but they can be deceptively stylish too! Stick with round necks and wide sleeves to adopt that classic Audrey Hepburn look and pair it with a pair of ankle boots.


The cami – The great thing about autumn is that you can dress in layers and essentially transform an outfit quite literally at the drop of a hat. A delicate cami can be slipped over a jumper to add another layer of warmth and style.

Flared trousers – Flares are another item that falls in and out of style by the decade and the reason they keep ‘coming back’ is because of how flexible they are. They are also generally affordable and comfortable and can go with just about any jumper. So if you’re been putting off  buying a pair of flares, autumn is the ideal time to relent.

Good autumn wear is all about finding comfort without sacrificing style. You can have it both ways as long as you’re willing to shop around and keep your options and your mind open.  We hoped you liked our list of seasonal wardrobe must-haves for 2019.

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