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An Inside Peek at Hollywood Fashion with Celebrity Stylist Giulia Baggini

An Inside Peek at Hollywood Fashion with Celebrity Stylist Giulia Baggini

If fashion is a story, then Giulia Baggini has always been eager to write the latest chapter. The Italian-born stylist and PR aficionado first caught the attention of the fashion world as a teen with her blog, simply titled “Giulia’s Fashion Blog.” She went on to launch another blog, “Les Milanesi,” which won acclaim from countless top tier publications. Eventually, she realized her dream of moving to Los Angeles and now lends her styling talent to dressing celebrity clientele.

Cliché: What is it about fashion that’s so appealing to you?

Giulia Baggini: I love fashion and I love clothes: I love how there’s a story about every piece, how there are so many different styles that can be put together in so many different ways. I love that fashion is creative and it gives you the chance to be a different character every day. One day I can dress up as a tomboy and the next one I can be inspired by the 70s! 

You gained initial recognition for your first blog, “Giulia’s Fashion Blog.” Did you expect it to garner so much attention?

I honestly did not! As I said I’ve always loved fashion, so for me it was fun and easy to share my looks, some of my styling tips, and review my favorite collections from fashion weeks… It was almost like a hobby! I was so happy to see that so many people appreciated my hard work! 

Tell us about your other blogging project, “Les Milanesi.”

‘Les Milanesi’ was a joint project that I started with one of my friends back then. It was very much fun because we were two creatives working on a project together and we always had so many ideas! One day it was ‘let’s film a video for this brand’, the other was like ‘let’s shoot some content for this beauty brand’ and we would have full on photoshoot to get the best content for all brands that partnered with us! Every day was different and we got to work with so many cool brands and bring lots of amazing ideas and concepts to life!

What was it like being featured in so many well-known magazines like Elle, Marie Claire, Grazia, and Vogue?

That has to be my favorite thing! Growing up I was obsessed with magazines, especially fashion magazines. Every month I would go to the stands and buy all the major magazines: Elle, Marie Claire, all editions of Vogue, Grazia… I used to collect them (and I still have them!!). I was truly a fan of printed magazines! So, to see myself in those same exact magazines a few years later was a dream come true!

Why did you decide to move to Los Angeles?

I’ve always felt more international than all my friends and I’ve always had this desire to explore the world, and when I got offered a job at CLD PR in LA I knew I had to move there. I’ve always loved this city so I’m so happy I get to live here now!

You’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with many celebrities and influencers. What’s your favorite project or event that you’ve worked on so far?

Every project is special to me. I worked on lots of events, and those have to be my favorite. Planning an event is hard work, and for the people attending, who just come and enjoy their time there, it might not seem like it, but it takes a lot of time and dedication to plan every single detail. It’s so nice and rewarding to see all your hard work come to life after so many months of planning! So, I would say that out of all the projects I’ve ever worked on, events are definitely my favorite!

When you dress celebrities for high profile events, what factors do you consider when styling them?

It’s all about the mood board, and what you envision for that look, but also what the client likes and would like to wear. It’s a collaboration with the client and the stylist, who mix their style and taste to create a unique look. It’s also important to understand what kind of event the client is attending. Some events are more casual than others. For example: The MTV VMAs are definitely more casual and chill than the Oscars, so I wouldn’t go for a big gown or something too pretentious!

It’s Fashion Week season! What are you looking forward to most?

I’m super excited to see what’s new this season! After a whole year of no fashion weeks and no in-person shows it’s nice to finally see brands putting up shows again. I’m definitely excited to see what Italian brands will bring on the catwalk: as I’m from Italy, I feel very attached to Italian fashion and Italian brands, so I’m looking forward to seeing big brands like Prada or Fendi and what their vision for Spring-Summer 22 is!

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An Inside Peek at Hollywood Fashion with Celebrity Stylist Giulia Baggini. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Giulia Baggini.

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