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Vaultskin: Secure Your Essentials with RFID-Blocking Smart Wallets and iPhone Cases

Vaultskin: Secure Your Essentials with RFID-Blocking Smart Wallets and iPhone Cases

Today we are excited to introduce Vaultskin, an exciting brand who offers an exclusive array of smart wallets, slim iPhone cases and world class RFID blocking technology to protect all of your credit cards. In today’s fast-paced, digital world, keeping your essentials safe and secure has become more important than ever. Enter RFID-blocking minimalist wallets and iPhone cases from Vaultskin- sleek, stylish solutions designed to protect your most valuable belongings from potential threats lurking around every corner.

This article will clearly explain the remarkable benefits of incorporating RFID protection technology into slim wallets and iPhone cases while highlighting Vaultskin’s amazing products. First, let’s explain more about RFID technology.

Understanding RFID Technology And Its ThreatsRFID-Blocking Wallets and iPhone Cases from Vaultskin

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology that allows wireless communication between a small chip and an RFID reader. This enables various contactless interactions such as making payments with your credit card or tapping your office access card to enter a building. One major threat associated with RFID technology is electronic pickpocketing, which refers to the act of stealing sensitive data from an individual’s cards without physical contact.

Additionally, aside from credit cards and work access passes, items such as passports now come embedded with these chips containing personal details including name, nationality and date of birth. Thus, those who possess illicit scanning devices have potential opportunities to jeopardize your privacy if proper precautions are not taken. It only makes sense for you to utilize this technology and luckily Vaultskin as has got your covered.

Benefits Of RFID-Blocking Smart Wallets And IPhone Wallet Cases From Valutskin

RFID-Blocking Wallets and iPhone Cases from VaultskinNot only do Vaultskin’s RFID-blocking smart wallets and iPhone cases come in slim designs for convenience, but they are also luxurious, stylish and highly functional.  Vaultskin’s smart wallets have mastered the art of creating exceptionally slick designed wallets made from the highest quality materials. Don’t risk your credit cards or passports being skimmed by thieves – invest in RFID-blocking technology from Vaultskin today. While they have several types of smart wallets, MANHATTAN is their longest wallet that can easily hold Dollar bills while remaining small. This is due to its streamlined design, with surprising capacity for cards.

Similarly, if you’re an iPhone user looking for a protective phone case with built-in cardholder sleeves that doesn’t make it bulky or heavy then Vaultskin’s leather iPhone wallet cases are a great investment. We loved the VICTORIA iPhone case. Their case for the iPhone 13 Pro looks amazing. With its top-grain Italian leather, superior quality metal finishes and precise, hand-stitched seams, you can’t go wrong with the VICTORIA. You can even wear it hands-free across the body or over the shoulder or remove the strap according to your style and preference.

VAULTSKIN SMART WALLETSRFID-Blocking Wallets and iPhone Cases from Vaultskin

Vaultskin is a brand that has revolutionized the RFID-blocking wallet industry with its sleek and minimalist designs. Their wallets are made from high-quality leather and feature intelligent interior pockets that can hold up to 10 cards, as well as cash and coins.

One of their most popular products is the Vaultskin MANHATTAN cardholder, which not only blocks RFID signals but also has a unique pull-tab design for quick access to your cards.

Vaultskin’s NOTTING HILL zipper cardholder was designed in Britain as a multi-purpose wallet – you use its space and features in your own unique way. This smart wallet can easily hold Euros and opens 180 degrees for full access and greater capacity for cards and banknotes. We love the NOTTING HILL because it was carefully crafted from the best materials to ensure that you can depend on its strength and quality for years to come.


Vaultskin’s most popular iPhone wallet case is the VICTORIA. Designed for daily use, the VICTORIA offers maximum protection while still being stylish, functional and comfortable to wear. You can easily keep your iPhone, cards, cash, and smaller items together and secure. Store up to 9 cards in two pockets. Vaultskin’s signature retractable strap gives easy access to frequently used cards.


Another thing that we absolutely loved about Vaultskin’s selection is that they have iPhone cases going back to the adorable iPhone 6. Here are all the

RFID-Blocking Wallets and iPhone Cases from Vaultskin

models they currently have iPhone wallet cases for:



Did you know that criminals can easily acquire equipment that can access the data stored on your cards or passports from up to several meters away. With this data thieves can replicate your credit card, steal your identity or gain access to sensitive areas such as buildings, high security areas or even your home .

Welcome to Vaultskin’s Vaultcard. With the Vaultcard, you have a patented world-class RFID-blocking shield to protect the contents of your cards. Vaultcard switches on automatically when it senses an electromagnetic wave emitted by a RFID scanner.

RFID-Blocking Vaultcard

It responds to a signal strength a hundred times smaller than what your RFID enabled cards need. This Vaultcard creates a sophisticated electromagnetic jamming signal that blocks RFID readers. Here are some of it’s main features:


Protects your RFID enabled credit cards, passport, driving licence, office door passes etc from RFID skimming (electronic pick-pocketing).


You no longer need to wrap your credit card in foil. Just keep VaultCard together with your cards in you wallet to ensure unmatched RFID security.


The card is only 1.1mm thick and will perfectly fit in your wallet or card holder.

Patented Technology

The card uses sophisticated electromagnetic jamming technology frequently used in military applications.

No battery

The card lasts forever. The card has an extremely efficient energy harnessing technology which allows it to be powered by energy from RFID scanner.

Auto-Adjust Power

VaultCard automatically adjust power of its jamming signal to ensure your RFID enabled cards, passport etc remain protected even against very powerful RFID skimming systems.

Conclusion and recommendation to invest In RFID-Blocking technology for added security

In this modern world, convenience and security come hand in hand. With the rise of contactless payment methods and electronic pickpocketing, it’s important to protect our essentials from identity theft. By investing in these new technologies, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your credit cards, passport, and even your phone are safe from electronic theft. Remember that all of Skinvault’s products help you keep your cards secure from scanners who use RFID technology to steal money and ID information. Thanks to Vaultskin’s superior electromagnetic signal-blocking system, which is integrated invisibly to the lining of our wallets, you can feel completely at ease knowing that your wallet contents are 100 secure. Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep up with all the latest and greatest technology but Vaultskin makes it easy. A fashion accessory no brainer.

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