A Purchase You Won’t Feel Guilty About

I’m talking about the holidays. Can you believe it? It feels like it was JUST summer. Whether we like it or not, it’s time to put on a brave face and tackle on the dreadful “holiday shopping.” (Okay, depending on who you are, shopping for presents can be a daunting task!) With the long lines, limited sizes, and everything… “Nobody got time for that!”
How about we introduce you to an option that could help set your shopping anxiety at ease? Enter Enjoy Essential, the brainchild of a woman named Cady back in 2013. Since then, she’s been designing items left and right. Not only does she design them, but she single-handedly takes care of absolutely every behind-the-scenes operation of Enjoy Essential! (Social media, packaging, etc.) Talk about #Girlboss!
Well, let me tell you that you’ll really enjoy these tees that say what’s on your mind for you. You can never have too many tees, right? And besides, tees go with everything, especially when you’re having a lazy day!
When you go check out her site and fall in love with the designs that say things like, “Sorry Coffee, This is a Job for Alcohol,” “Hangry,” or “I can’t even,” remember to give a big shout out to Cady for basically saying what we’re all thinking. The best part of every purchase? It gives back every single time.
At the end of each month, Cady takes the time to count exactly how many t-shirts she sold and buys that many meals to give to the less fortunate. According to her website, she “choose[s] a local organization […] in Northern California that are in need of non-perishables.” I mean, isn’t it good to know that with every purchase you make, it’ll be helping someone else? So hey, go crazy and buy as many tees as you want!
Another plus? She supplies t-shirts for your little toddlers, too! While you’re stocking up on your own stash, why not treat your lil one while you’re at it?

Happy shopping!
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A Purchase You Won’t Feel Guilty About: Photograph courtesy of Enjoy Essential

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