The Perfect Gifts For Faraway Friends

Holidays can be stressful enough without worrying about presents, but what do you do when your BFF lives states away? Sure, you can mail them a gift, but shopping around for goodies can be exhausting; not only do you have to find something they’d love, but it has to be under a certain weight and size so you don’t get hit with high shipping costs. Not to mention, it may have to be heavy-duty bubble-wrapped so it doesn’t break. Forget that. Make the holiday season easier with these gift-delivery services.
PARTY TIMEpackedparty
The holiday season is a time of celebration. Why not encapsulate that feeling with your gift? Send your friend a party in a box with Packed Party! Each Packed Party package includes four to five handpicked items relevant to the theme of the box. Exact items change every few months so this company is a keeper for future holidays! Packed Party also offers Liddle Bit of Party, a package similar to the Packed Party boxes, but with fewer items and a lower price tag.
Top Contender: You Pampered Thing, You, $52,

Give your friend a spa day! This Packed Party package includes items like a silk sleep mask, a soy candle, soothing hand cream, a bar of lavender soap, and lip oil.
Sometimes the best way to a friend’s heart is through their sweet tooth. Gift Tree offers a huge selection of tasty goodies—cookies, chocolates, candy, and more. Find your friend’s favorite, and you’re all set! If that’s not for you, Gift Tree also offers a variety of other themed gift goods like wine, beer, fruit, flowers, and spa products!
Top Contender: Classic Holiday Gift Tower, $29.95,
Delicious delivery! This gift tower features six stacked boxes of snacks such as Lindt and Ghirardelli chocolates and truffles, gourmet popcorn, old-fashioned candies, snack mix, milk chocolate malt balls, toffee peanuts, and chocolate and yogurt covered pretzels. This package even includes a complimentary pair of scissors so your friend won’t have to wait a moment to receive sweet satisfaction!
Craving a more personal touch to your gift? Put together a package without the hassle of store-hopping or shipping! BOXFOX allows you to choose from their list of available products to curate a box tailored to your friend’s interests. Products include sweets, chocolates, workout accessories, literature, stationery, and even relaxing bath goods. There’s something for everybody. Still like the option of a premade box? BOXFOX has ready-to-go packages as well.
Top Contender: Jet Set, $60,
If your bestie has big dreams of adventure and travel, this is the box for them. This BOXFOX package includes a luxurious pashmina, a Kate Spade canvas travel bag, Static Solution from The Laundress, Rifle Paper Co. Pocket Notebooks, and 3 Herban Essentials hand wipes.
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“The Perfect Gifts For Faraway Friends” originally appeared as “You’ve Got Mail” in Cliché Magazine’s Dec 2015/Jan 2016 issue. Photos courtesy of Packed Party, Gift Tree, and BOXFOX

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