8 Ways to Incorporate Bohemian Style Into Your Wardrobe

Bohemian fashion

The effortlessly chic and casual style is back. Bohemian fashion has been around since the 70s. And ever since then, it really has never gone out of style. The original bohemians were once considered to be actual outcasts in a city. They were wanting to be bold and unique. Thus, the bohemian style emerged in a way that aimed to capture attention, be original, and get attention. Today, bohemian style is summarized by wearing Boho clothing that rocks flowy fabrics, is loose-fitting, and plays around with different fringes and cuts.

This hippy style is something many of us strive to perfect, but often we feel that we can’t achieve the look. However, we are here to state that you too can rock the bohemian style with our top tips. At its core. The goal is to be brave with your mixing of pieces, play around with vintage and be brave and rebellious to make an outfit truly work.

To help you create the bohemian wardrobe of your dreams, we have rounded up the top tips and wardrobe essentials to invest in—from fringy tops to vintage accessories.

1. Rock a Maxi Skirt

One of the iconic staples of the bohemian wardrobe is a maxi skirt. They are casually cool and comfortable while able to help you dress up for any occasion you are needing to attend. Maxi skirts sit snuggle at your waist and go down to your ankles. They pair well with sandals, boots, crop tops, and even denim jackets. Your maxi skirt can be in a range of hues that have a solid design or a patterned floral one.

2. Wear Lots of Rings

One of the most important bohemian accessories is rings—lots of them. Having been a staple since the beginning of this style, wearing lots of rings allow an instant upgrade to your casual look and put the focus on the sparkly. But you don’t have to drop thousands of dollars on your bling. Look for fun vintage rings that are affordable and can look brand new with a quick shine and polish.

3. Get Lots of Florals

Bohemian fashionBohemian style and florals are synonymous. Now, we aren’t meaning those old and uninspired florals that your grandmother’s couch would have. Instead, we’re talking rustic floral designs that are pretty enough to be their own bouquet. Floral tops, floral skirts and even floral bags—it doesn’t matter what they are on, it just matters that some of your wardrobe essentials rock the floral prints.

4. Relax in Flowy Pieces

Another essential for your bohemian wardrobe is to embrace loose-fitting clothes. This means that your pants should be flowy, your tops a bit baggy and nothing is tight. Not only does it give off an effortlessly relaxed look, but it ensures that you are comfortable in your ensemble too. The key is to find the perfect balance between loose-fitting and too big. So your pants should not be falling down, but they should give your legs plenty of breathing room.

5. Pair with Sandals

Another essential for your bohemian wardrobe is some sandals. They will pair great with everything from flowy pants to floral dresses and even your maxi skirts. When it comes to your sandals, you can play around with either earthy hues or bright pops of color. It all comes down to your own unique style and color preference. But make sure you have at least one go-to pair of sandals that you can pair with any bohemian outfit.

6. Shelter with a Big Hat

Bohemian fashionSimilar to the baggy and loose vibes of your top and bottoms, your hat should also be floppy and wide-rimmed. The best types of big hats to get are the vintage-styled ones that will instantly save even the worst of bad hair days. The bigger the better when it comes to bohemian hats.

7. Braid Your Hair

A wardrobe essential that you actually do not have to buy is braids. The classic go-to bohemian hairstyle is knotting up your hair with either French braids or loose braids. If you really want to take it to the next level, then you can even stick some fresh flowers into your braids as well.

8. Protect Your Eyes with Shades

Another must-have accessory when it comes to your wardrobe is to get some vintage sunglasses to complete your bohemian look. Not only are they super cute, but they prevent the need from having to put on any mascara or eye shadow too. As a bonus, your eyes will be protected from those pesky UV rays too.


Rocking the bohemian style is easy with these eight wardrobe-essentials. From getting thoughtful vintage accessories to relaxed fitting dresses, skirts, and tops, you will be able to rock the bohemian style for any occasion. What pieces will you invest in?

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