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7 Ways to Look Sexy in the Winter Cold

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This article is for those who want to find easy ways to look sexy in the winter.  That’s because winter is already here. It’s time to put all your spring and fall clothes away. It’s time to enter into the season of bulky sweaters and coats, snow boots, and shape-hiding wardrobe. Just because these few months can be really cold, doesn’t mean your outfit should be too.  

It’s time to be a little more creative with your winter clothing and look sexy. No, I am not talking about showing a ton of skin! Nothing feels more cringe worthy than seeing girls in cropped sweatshirts/jackets and shorts during the freezing months of December and January. Some of them jump onto another level of being courageous by running around the streets without any jackets/coats. 

ways to look sexy during winter

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They feel that they look hot and sexy (and sometimes they do), but they also look a little absurd. It also portrays that

ways to look sexy during winter

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they’re very desperate and trying too hard to get attention. Okay enough with the ranting and now let’s tell you ways by which you can still look hot and sexy, and not get hypothermia when outdoors 😉 .

1. Be a Layering Champ – Wearing multiple layers is the most important step to insulate your body heat. It is one of the simplest ways to stay warm. Wear multiple layers beneath your coat/jacket and you’re guaranteed to stay warm. Layering is a trend that has been around since forever but still looks good. Use your creativity and try different clothing combinations. Another added advantage is that you can wear clothes that you normally do not. 

  • Remember to maintain a color tone. Try wearing contrasting colors for lowers and tops. 
  • Do not layer heavy clothes together.
  • Wear a scarf. A scarf is the easiest way to add an extra layer and still look fashionable. It is maybe a socially acceptable way of wearing a blanket.
ways to look sexy during winter

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2. Boots – Keeping your feet protected is really important during these cold and dry months. Please wear boots – no heels, or pumps, or sneakers. It’s a million degrees below zero outside and for the love god keep your feet covered. 

  • Boots are very versatile and go with a short dress (knee-high boots) or with a pair of jeans. 
  • Invest in a good pair of boots, like the 5.11 Boots to keep you warm and protected. 

3. Wear Tights – If you need to attend a party and planning to wear a short dress or skirt, please cover your legs. You’ll thank us later for this. Wear a pair of thermal tights to keep your legs covered. Bonus: you’ll not have to shave for the party. 

4. A Warm Coat – Please invest in a good warm coat (not a jacket). In the freezing cold, bless yourselves with a warm coat. If you feel that coats make you look like a sleeping bag, explore again! Coats with a good fit that upgrade your style game do exist. 

ways to look sexy during winter

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5. Go Wild – You’ll find plenty of jackets and woolen sweaters for your winter wardrobe. Some of them are very light and still provide enough warmth. But, faux fur is also not a bad option. Furs look equally hot and stylish, giving you a lavish look. 

6. Scarves – Scarves are your best friend for adding an extra layer to your clothing. You can experiment with different colors and wear them in different styles. 

7. Belts – Sometimes you do everything right but a final touch is missing. Give your winter outfit a new dimension by wearing stylish and colorful belts around your waist. 


In order to look hot, do not make yourself look so crazy. Such girls are just candy to the eye whose taste eventually fades away. Follow the above-mentioned rules and style your winter clothing in such a way that you look sexy and stylish without showing a ton of skin.

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