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Say no to Holiday Stress With These Amazing Gift Hacks

holiday gift hacks

Gift buying, giving and Christmas gift-wrapping should be a joy, so why do we get heebie-jeebies when someone mentions Christmas?

The shopping malls look Christmas-ready, the shopping frenzy has started and Christmas adverts have been slowly hitting TV since the beginning of October. Are you wondering if there is any way how to make your holiday season more enjoyable than last year?

gift hacks

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These quick holiday gift hacks will help you minimize the holiday hassle and make gift buying as stress-free as possible.

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Finding the perfect Christmas present

…is not always possible. We all worry about buying our loved ones the right present, but recent studies show that up to 95% of the receivers value the thought behind the gift rather than the gift itself. With this in mind try thinking about something to celebrate the unique bond between you two, to convey you have held the receiver in mind.

Make a Santa’s list

Create a list of everyone you want to give a gift to. Think of the happiest times you’ve shared and brainstorm your ideas here. When was the time you felt connected the most and what could bring back the memory to these times? Try to think of a present as an experience rather than just a physical item.

It can either be an experience you enjoy together like a spa treatment or tickets to your favorite band or an item to celebrate your special moments.

Do you enjoy movie nights together? A set of luxuriously scented candles combined with a gourmet wine gift set will induce a charming atmosphere creating romantic memories.

gift hacks

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Do you both enjoy morning pampering rituals? Seek for matching couple fragrances, there is something utterly romantic about matching scents, something that brings you together even when you are apart. There are plenty of thoughtful options, just think about their likes and dislikes.

Shop in advance

Another one of our holiday gift hacks is making sure to shop in advance.  Try to plan all your presents before heading into any shops. Browsing around the shops at the busiest time of the year is very stressful. Being pushed and pulled in the crowded store does not make the holiday experience any better. Keep the Santa’s list with you when you are out running around and pick up some presents every now and then. Or…purchase them online.

Purchase online

Try to find most of the gifts online, not only to avoid the crowded shops and full parking lots but to get some special online deals also. In recent years the Black Friday has become an essential part of the holiday season and some Black Friday deals will be better than others. Seek a website where you can buy most of your presents at once.

It is said that people hate wrapping Christmas presents more than Brussel sprouts, avoid this hassle and have your presents professionally gift-wrapped in beautiful boxes while buying them online.

holiday gift hacks

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The best online retailers also offer custom engraving for fragrances and beauty products to make the item even more personalized and unique.

In case you want a little cherry on top of your thoughtful presents, purchase a gift voucher so your loved one can treat herself/himself to something she or he always wanted.

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