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7 Easy Effective Methods for Drying Your Boots

7 Easy Effective Methods for Drying Your Boots

Today we want to share 7 easy effective methods for drying your boots. Wearing boots can be incredibly stylish and it’s also one of the most practical footwear. They’re great for rough terrain, cold weather, and keeping your feet dry. But there are unavoidable times when your boots get completely soaked. 

You’ll also need to consider the kind of boots you’re wearing or how well they were made. Unlike rubber or work boots, some aren’t meant to be waterproof, so it would be a terrible idea to use them during rainy days. To make sure none of your shoes get ruined, you’ll need to wear the proper footwear for the right occasion. For instance, you probably want to wear dry boots for landscaping instead of a fashionable pair when you’re working in your garden.  

Still, there’s no telling what could happen, and everyone has experienced the terrible feeling of wearing wet boots. It’s squishy, cold, uncomfortable, and you just can’t wait to get them off. Once you do, it’s essential to dry them as soon as possible. To get started, here are some easy ways you can dry up your boots quickly and effectively.  

effective methods for drying your boots

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  1. Remove The Laces and Insoles

The first thing you want to do is to undo the laces so the shoes can dry up sufficiently. It’ll also allow you to open up the boots more to allow better airflow, which will help with the drying process.

If possible, you should also remove the insoles so you can dry them separately. This also allows the inner part of your shoes to dry more efficiently. 

  1. Make Sure To Clean Them Up

Before you start with the drying process, you’ll need to clean the shoes. Ensure to clean any dirt or mud because it’ll leave a stain if you dry the shoes dirty. You could rinse it out or use some mild soaps to help take out any stubborn grime or muck. But no matter how tempting it is to use bleach for stains, don’t do it because it’ll ruin the boots. 

  1. Use Newspapers Or Towels

The next step is to absorb the water or moisture with newspapers or towels. You can crumple up some newspaper and stuff your boots with them. But make sure that it isn’t stuffed too tightly. Then, keep repeating the process until it can’t absorb any more. 

You can also use towels by inserting the corner of the towel into the shoes and using the rest of it to wrap the boots. Again, you’ll probably need to replace and repeat the process to absorb as much water as possible. If you want to, you can use both newspapers and towels. 

  1. Absorb Moisture With Cat Litter Or Rice

effective methods for drying your bootsAnother way you can absorb water from the boots is to use cat litter or rice. If you have a cat, you’re probably familiar with how well cat litter can absorb cat pee, and it’s totally safe to use it for your shoes. Just make sure that you’re using fresh and clean cat litter or rice. You can also put the shoes in a bucket full of rice and then put your shoes in it.

  1. Keep Away From Direct Heat

It’s tempting to put your wet boots directly in front of a fire or a stove. But this is going to do more harm than good. The fire could burn your boots or even melt the glue, which will probably destroy your boots. Instead, it’s better to place your boots a bit further away from a heat source so they can dry up without getting damaged. 

  1. Put It Under The Sun

If you’re getting enough sun in your area or have some time, you could put your shoes to dry under the sun. But make sure to check on it often because leaving it outside in scorching weather can harden or make your shoes crispy. Still, leaving it out to dry is one of the safest ways to do it, and it can even get rid of foul odors. 

  1. Using A Fan Or A Boot Dryer

One of the most effective and quick ways to get your boots dry is to use a fan. You can try to fasten the boots onto the fan by using wires so you can leave them there overnight. But if you always run into the trouble of wet boots, you should probably invest in a boot dryer. It’s made especially for boots so that you can simply put them on the two tubes that’ll blow air into the boots. 


Everyone needs a pair of good boots in their wardrobe. You can even go for more pairs if you have a special love for them. Because of how practical and stylish they are, boots have been popular for years and years. But like most shoes, you’re bound to get it wet at some point. When this happens, you’ll need to have a game plan that works. So, make sure you have some towels, newspapers, cat litter, or a boot dryer ready just in case.

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