5 Throwback Trends for 2018


In every time period, there comes the rise of iconic fashion trends. From exquisite flapper dresses in the 1920s to dark grunge in the 1990s, there are specific styles tied to each decade. Now that 2018 is well on its way, and New York Fashion Week has past, we are seeing a rise in recurring fashion trends that are predicted to dominate the new year. While new styles and trends will definitely appear as the year progresses, the fashion industry is witnessing a revival of the most influential looks from the past.



Although plaid was at its height during the 1990s, it made a comeback during New York Fashion Week this year. A revival of plaid trousers, blazers, and boots (yes, boots!) are seen both on the runway and in the streets. A take on the classic plaid button down trend in the 90s, plaid ranging from dull greys to vibrant purples is making a comeback in both the corporate and casual atmosphere.

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Dark Denim

The 1980s saw a rise in the denim trend, and 2018 plans on keeping this look alive. From low-waisted jeans to full-on denim outfit ensembles, this is one trend that will not be dying out anytime soon. Denim is one of the easiest trends to modernize and style, especially since it is on the darker side and matches most clothing and accessories.

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Athletic Wear

Workout gear is quite the phenomenon today with all of the colorful, posh clothing lines that exist. While it was at its prime during the 80s and 90s, workout gear is now seen on both the runway and in our favorite stores. Whether you are in search of breaking out the vibrant tights or keeping it more casual with a grey sweatsuit, athletic wear still proves to be a successful style of clothing.

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What’s interesting about 2018 thus far is the wide spectrum of styles. Elements of minimalism, a classic, neutral style, are making a comeback this year. While minimalism experienced a high during the 1920s, a revival of the trench coat, oxford button downs, jean jackets and other neutral pieces are back in style.

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This year is not the first time fringe made an appearance. Rising to popularity in the 1920s during the flapper era, fringe was found on a variety of party dresses women wore to make a statement and entertain their guests. Fringe could also be found on leather jackets worn by bikers during the 1950s or during the 1960s and 1970s when society adopted a more cultural outlook. Today, fringe can be found on the runway as well as in our favorite department stores. Whether it is used as an element on boots, purses, or jackets, fringe is quite the detail.

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