5 Romantic Bridal Gowns from Isabelle Armstrong

There’s nothing more exciting and daunting than thinking about your wedding day—even if you’re not engaged. Deep down, we all secretly hide a wedding Pinterest board or a scrapbook filled with our wildest imaginations for that big day. There are so many details to handle: decorations, music, seating arrangement, the bridal party, etc. The biggest decision a girl has to make? Saying yes to the dress.
I am nowhere near getting married anytime soon, but I’m currently in the midst of helping coordinate a wedding, so I have wedding fever. I recently attended a ceremony and was in awe of the bride’s dress as soon as she made her way down the aisle. Granted, it must have taken her five, twenty, or even fifty dresses to say yes to the right one. Every future bride deals with the stress of finding the perfect gown for their special day. We understand that you want a unique dress that everyone will talk about the next day. So, just in time for all the Spring weddings happening this year, we present you 5 romantic bridal gowns from Isabelle Armstrong for you to consider. Congratulations and happy hunting! 
First: Katherine
The thing that I loved most was the sheer long sleeves and the veil-like draping.
Second: Bari
If you’re not having a lavish wedding, I’d opt for this adorable mini dress.
Third: Valeria
I’m not usually a big fan for the mermaid dress but I couldn’t resist choosing this to be in my top five. The lace ruffles detail topped with the sequined buckle and sheer straps? Ah! How can someone resist?
Fourth: Naomi
This has to be the one of the simplest gowns out of the whole Spring collection but I love it. The intricate beading on the top half is balanced out by the draping of the bottom. This is perfect for someone who wants to go for a long gown but doesn’t want to commit to a train.
Fifth: Jessica
The photo spoke for itself. You’ll be sure to turn heads with this one.
Kendra-Front1 - honorable
Honorable Mention: Kendra
I’m sorry but I couldn’t just pick just five. My honorable mention goes to this beauty. I couldn’t resist fringe. Just imagine how pretty it’ll be when you’re out on the dance floor.
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Photographs courtesy of Isabelle Armstrong

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