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5 New Jeans Trends in 2019

Is there any other item in our fashion arsenal that truly goes with everything like denim?  Our jeans have been there for the good times and the bad.   Sales of denim reflect this, poised to hit an all-time high in the coming years. Although they’re a staple in our closet, they’re not a stranger to changing with the trends  so let’s check out this guide to 5 new jean trends in 2019 that you will absolutely see everywhere.

new jean trends

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1) Straight Leg AKA Mom Jeans

We laughed at mom for wearing this unflattering (yet comfy) cut. Who’s laughing now?   The answer is mom because she caught us going into her closet and trying to steal her look. High waisted straight leg jeans are on the rise (sorry).  Pair them with a cute crop so no one suspects you drive a minivan

2) The New Skinny

5 new jean trends in 2019

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What’s the skinny on the new skinny? They’re not as tight as the ones from years gone by.  These jeans are tight in the legs with just a bit of slouch on the ankles. It’s almost like a mix between straight leg and skinny jeans. 

These types of jean fits are relaxed where they need to be but still flattering. Shop Sinners Jeans to get a leg up on this trend. 

3) Bootcut

They’re baaaack! The 90s/early 2000s stalwart is coming around again and it’s more flattering than you remember. A pair of dark wash bootcut jeans and a cute “going out” top was every girl’s weekend uniform back then. Pair the updated version with some cute booties and you’re good to go. 

Bonus: this type looks great on ladies with a little extra padding in the hips. 

4) Wide Leg

When you see these extra-wide almost gaucho-like types of jeans, it’s confusing. How can you make this look good?  You’re beautiful so of course, you can pull it off. But these jeans are great for experimenting with more unique styling.  Make them glam with a French tucked button-up blouse. Make them edgy with a colorful bandeau and some high-end sneakers.   No matter what you do, make them your own. Have fun with this versatile style. 

5) Two-Tone Jeans

So far, we’ve seen modern takes on classic cuts. Two-tone jeans are different and wearing them makes a big statement.  Two-tone jeans can be any cut or style. What sets them apart is that there’s two colors, or even types of fabrics, on them.  You’ll find them with a different colored hem or a wide stripe going down the sides. These are playful and a bit daring so wear them when you’re ready to turn heads everywhere you go. 

New Jeans and More! 

No matter which of these new jeans you try, you’re going to look fabulous. Why not pick up a pair in each style and have fun experimenting with new looks? 

We’d love to hear how you’d style these jeans. Leave us a comment below and come back to our blog every day for more fashion tips!

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