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Which Y2K Trends Should Make A Comeback?

The 2000s are on their way back with a vengeance, and with all the nostalgia for reality shows, movies, and other kinds of media, 2000s fashion is on its way back too. Trucker hats, camo print, bootcut jeans, and thanks to Vetements, even Juicy Couture’s iconic velour tracksuits have made a comeback! It was a time where Paris Hilton was the biggest celebrity of the time, Britney Spears’s Oops I Did it Again was blasting on radios everywhere, and Avril With all of these trends coming back,  the wonderful glow of nostalgia may cloud up the realization that some trends should be left in the past, and there were so many things going on during Y2K, that it can be hard to remember what things happened during that time! So we made a list of four of our favorite trends from the 2000s that should make a comeback!

Silvery, space-age metallics should definitely be one of the first things that should be revived! Sure this trend started in the late 90s, but it hit its peak in the 2000s! The 2000s looked to be the start of the future for many, so sleek, shiny metallic fabrics were all the rage. We’re all for this trend to show itself again. We live in a world where the technological future past generations dreamed of is slowly becoming the present, so why not add to the space-age flair with some fun metallic statement pieces!

Barbie pink was one of the biggest colors in the 2000s, characters like The Plastics from Mean Girls wore pink with pride! Prime time to be your most femme self was the 2000s, and we believe that all around girly-ness should make a comeback. Because, after all, being called “feminine” isn’t always such a bad thing! Pink is a power color, and we say, the brighter the better! Sure Millennial pink had its time in the sun, but we think that we’re ready for a brighter pop of color! If you aren’t the kind of person to go full on Elle Woods with your style, a bright pink is a fun pop of color for any outfit to add a bit of a femininity to anything.

Camo print is more of a tomboy staple, but as we said above, the 2000s was the age of the classic girly girl, so there was no way classic camouflage print wasn’t jazzed up in flashier colors along with the classic green color. Destiny’s Child truly gave us multiple amazing camo looks, and we think that may be challenging that vibe might give you a really fun look! We think that the classic army green, as well as all of the other colors, are destined to come back swinging!  

Buffalo Sneakers made such a statement! These chunky sneakers won our hearts back in Y2K, and are slowly coming back in style. These sneakers are perfect for those who love a statement shoe, and a bit of extra height, but heels aren’t their forte. We think that a pair of these sneakers would look great with a cute oversized sweatshirt, and a cute pair of high socks.


There are so many early 2000s trends, some of them cute and fun, some of them downright absurd, but we think that the best trends aren’t ones that need to be worn in the exact same way as they were back when they first came on our radar but can be re-invented in new and different ways!


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Which Y2K Trends Should Make A Comeback? Photos Credits: Asos, Paper, Cosmopolitan,, Dolls Kill, ourdailynewsonline, and The Guardian

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