5 Clever Storage Tips for Fashionistas

Hands up if you’re forever buying too many pieces of clothing, pairs of shoes or cute handbags. We’re all guilty of it. While it’s amazing to have new items to wear, it can cause problems knowing where to store them all. Luckily for you, you’ve come to right place for some advice on how to deal with this. If you’re looking for clever storage tips for fashionistas, we can help – just follow our 5 tips below.

storage tips for fashionistas

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Make use of storage boxes

One of the best but easiest storage tips for fashionistas is storage boxes.  Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs, you can find storage boxes to suit just about every room within your house. And if you can’t, why not create your own? These handy storage items are perfect for all the scarves, bags, belts, makeup and other accessories that might not yet have a home within your house. If you don’t want them on display, pop them under the bed, inside your wardrobe or within one of your cupboard drawers.

Fold like a pro


We’re sure by now that you’ve heard of Marie Kondo, and if not, then you must check her out! The incredible organizing consultant has taught us all a thing or two, including her technique for folding clothes. By keeping your clothes neatly folded in your drawers, you’ll be able to create a lot more room – for clothes that you already own, not new ones of course.

Invest in some fabulous furniture

Need a new triple wardrobe to hang all your coats? Or perhaps you have had your eye on a set of drawers that you’ve wanted to buy for a long time? If you’re in need of more storage, it’s worth investing in staple pieces that will last you for years to come.



Find some clever spots to hide things away

If your shoes are cluttering up your hallway, consider your other options on where to keep them. How about hanging them behind your door, placing them individual sturdy storage boxes or keeping them inside an ottoman?

Get your labels ready

Once everything is packed up and stored away neatly, the only thing that may cause you an issue is knowing where to find all your items. This is where labels will come in very handy! When you’re packing everything away carefully, take the time to label the storage space with whatever items now live inside.

By following these 5 clever storage tips for fashionistas, you’ll not only gain more space, but you’ll also know where to find everything from now on!

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