2018 Met Gala: The Most Heavenly Looks

2018 Met Gala: The Most Heavenly Looks

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Well maybe these ten fashion icons can answer that age-old question after their appearances in the 2018 Met Gala, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” It’s finally that time of year again where artists, designers, and celebrities come together to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and show their adoration and appreciation for the arts and fashion. For many fashion fanatics and art lovers everywhere, this was truly a night of heaven on earth. Here are some of the most heavenly looks that would even impress Michelangelo.


If you think Emilia Clarke is on fire in Game of Thrones, you will be amazed when you see her in this Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda gown. The gold intricacies and cherub paintings decorate an otherwise classic black dress, fitting the “Heavenly Bodies” theme perfectly and elegantly. And of course, where would our queen of the dragons be without a golden crown and royal earrings to match?


Another celebrity that matched royalty with the Catholic imagination is none other than Mindy Kaling. Wearing an off-white gown and blue gloves adding a magnificent pop, Mindy glides over the red carpet with grace and poise as she balances the crown of the evening. Distinguished by ornate, gold patterns and large sunburst, blue jewels, this crown would give the Queen of Sheba goose bumps.


Does a show-stopping nun sound impossible? Well, Lily Collins sure proves that wrong in her Met Gala look. Lily graces the show with a gothic Givenchy, nun-inspired gown. Her top piece was cut into edgy angles while her bottom piece was short, yet accompanied by a black, sheer skirt that brushed the floor as she walked, allowing for a high-fashion twist on the traditional nun attire. She included a large, spiked headpiece, jewels in her flawless make-up, and even rosary beads to complete the godly look.


King of Wakanda, Chadwick Boseman is royalty once again in his Versace suit and cape. Dressed all in the virgin color white, Chadwick proudly enters the Metropolitan Museum of Art ready to turn heads. His suit is embellished with beautiful gold accents including the renaissance inspired patterns along his pants and the elaborate crosses on his cape. Right down to his gold shoes, Chadwick looks holy on this night of fashion.


All that I can say, is that Mary J. Blige looks like a true goddess as she walks the red carpet at the Met Gala. Her mint Versace gown and custom made boots gives her the artistic look that everyone is here for. Her floor-length dress gives her the appearance of walking on clouds while also sporting a gorgeous leg cut-out, allowing her to show off her thigh-high gold embroidered boots.


Perhaps one of the most famous pieces of art associated with the “Catholic Imagination” is none other than Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Causing a ripple in the hearts of art enthusiasts, pop star Ariana Grande decided to bring it to New York with her Vera Wang gown inspired by “The Last Judgment.” Through the gold, sheer top layer, the painting comes to life in vivid colors and innovative design.


Priyanka Chopra proves to be flawless fan favorite yet again at this year’s Met Gala. Priyanka chooses her look as a deep red, form fitting, Ralph Lauren velvet gown accompanied by a matching cape that drapes behind her as she walks. The look of course would not be to the level of extravagance without her stunning hood from her shoulders to her head with delicate gold netting and jewel embellishments, giving her audience a peek at the modern Catholic imagination.


Speaking of bold colors featured at the Met Gala, Troye Sivan sports a vivacious Valentino red suit accompanied by black studded shoes as a neutral eye-rest for color. His mesh, see-through top definitely provided the “Heavenly Body” portion of the 2018 theme while the red embodied the red blood of Christ, supporting the “Catholic Imagination” part.


How could we possibly go without mentioning Katy Perry and her exorbitant set of angelic wings? These 10-foot-tall Versace wings easily captured the attention of all attendees and showed that Katy didn’t need Jacob’s Ladder to reach Heaven. Underneath the feathery glory, she wore a dazzling gold dress and gold thigh-high boots to match. Yet again, Katy Perry has spared no part of her charisma for fans and artists alike.


And of course, last but not least is a star that stepped up as the evening’s pope of fashion, Rihanna. From head to toe, Rihanna is dripping in flashy jewels and unparalleled style. Not a single inch of her outfit is left empty of beads and jewels. Even her gargantuan, bishop-inspired headpiece was drenched in sparkles. Rihanna wore this head-turning ensemble with such grace and beauty that even through its heavy weight, Rihanna’s strut remained unraveled, like the true queen of Heavenly Bodies. This look will be the talk of decades!


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