Why Potterless Is Your Next Podcast

Why Potterless Is Your Next Podcast

Everyone knows Harry Potter. Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan who reads the books annually or someone who’s never even touched a fantastical cover, the Potterless podcast will be sure to make you smile at the end of a long day.


Potterless follows host Mike Schubert, a 25 year old man reading the Harry Potter series for the first time. Each episode he is accompanied by a Potterhead guest who brings their own unique sense of humor and pizzazz to the show. Every few chapters read, Mike bounces around jokes, expresses his opinions about the best and worst characters, ponders over any possible foreshadowings (which if you’ve read the series, you’ll either laugh or hold your hands over your mouth in shock), and relentlessly rants about Quidditch. Although these episodes will make you notice some plot holes in the series, it’s in good spirits and listening to Potterless will only make your love for Harry Potter grow.


The episodes are about an hour each, Mike begins with book one, The Philosopher’s Stone, and is currently reading book six, The Half-Blood Prince. Even if you’re the kind of person who never really got into Harry Potter, Potterless is a good summary of the books and is more centered on light hearted conversation than a word for word reading. All in all it’s about having fun and being relatable for everyone, Potterhead or not.


Not only does Potterless provide lots of entertainment for its audience, but also has raised money for many charitable organizations like Donate Life: Organ Donation and the Meyer Foundation. Each patron that donates to the podcast is also giving to a number of good causes.   


Check out Potterless here for a complete list of episodes so far! And, as Mike Schubert says, Wizard On!  


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