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How the Intermingled World of Fashion and Casinos Still Collide

How the Intermingled World of Fashion and Casinos Still Collide

When you think about fashion in a casino, you think of the tailored suits that James Bond wore in all his movies. Daniel Craig, and Pierce Brosnan would wear Italian suits, where Sean Connery would prefer his suits to have more of a British theme to his suit. Popular media, including James Bond movies have helped to shape how people dress in casinos today. This is partially because it led a path for how others want to be seen while they are at the casino.

Though fashions within casinos haven’t changed for quite a while, there is an often-seen case of each reciprocally feeding the other. What becomes more fashionable is seen in more casinos, and fashion trends often change due to what is popular in casinos.

The World of Fashion and Gambling

For some people, casinos have never been just about gambling. They are all about making the sorts of fashion statements that will get you remembered. They are all about how you will be seen. The cost doesn’t matter so long as you a strike a chord with your fashion, and/or if people cannot tell how expensive your clothes are. There are several casinos that court the fashion-conscious gambler because they help strike the right tone for the establishment.

Learning From The Past

In the 60s, casinos had a very strict dress code, if you weren’t wearing a tie, or a ball gown dress, then you would not be getting in the casino. These days casinos have eased up or what you can wear and what you can’t wear. This means that many casinos can maintain a number of customers who stay up to date with fashion and who hop on the closest trend. Some places still have some rules regarding what to wear, which you will have to check out before going, especially since they may only be restricted to a certain area. For example, the eating areas often have a more relaxed dress code.

The Las Vegas Effect

Perhaps one of the best trend setters is Las Vegas. They were the first casinos to scrap dress codes and allow anybody to wander in, which often suited tourists who are still finding their way around the town. The reports on top casinos and the Las Vegas effect and how it sets fashion trends. 

People have dared to be garish and different, and often it goes too far, but sometimes the trends take hold and it changes the way the industry views certain fashion pieces. One could say that if the clothing trends were in a place like Britain or Italy, then perhaps the trends would hit a more elegant note. However, then they take hold in Las Vegas, they may not be considered elegant, but they would be more important.

For example, if Las Vegas started seeing men with big red bow ties coming through their doors, the trend would have more impact. Over time, said trend would end up in Hollywood. The old saying is that trends go to Hollywood to die. It makes a lot of sense that trends go to Las Vegas to get started.

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