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The Power of Good Distraction

The Power of Good Distraction

Distraction can have several meanings. In the first instance, a distraction is something that directs your attention away from something else. In the second, it can be a form of entertainment. In the third and final instance, distraction can simply be the state of being distracted.

When people think of distraction, they immediately consider it to be something bad. After all, when you’re distracted, you’re not concentrating on the thing you’re supposed to be doing. That thing be something important. But distraction isn’t always immediately a bad thing. Below is a look at the difference between good types of distraction and bad ones, and why good distraction can actually be beneficial.

The difference between good distraction and bad distraction

There are times when distraction is clearly bad. It is different for every individual, but we are all distracted in a negative way at some point in our day. Whether it Is due to an untidy desk or a text message, there will always be external distractions around us.

Distraction can have a damaging impact on anxiety as well. When you engage in distraction to take your mind off something, ironically, this can actually make the anxiety feel even worse sometimes. In this scenario, the distraction is counterproductive, of course.

But not all distraction is bad. Distractions can help cope with the pain of everyday life. When you distract yourself with music while exercising, you improve your performance and endurance, not just take your mind off the physical pain of the exercise itself.

The Mozart effect

Have you heard of the Mozart effect? This effect is the popular idea that listening to classical music can make people more intelligent. It has been found that this type of music has been found to improve certain aspects of intelligence because the brain finds music engaging as opposed to listening to silence. Some state that any music that people enjoy will produce the Mozart effect.

Music, however, does have the power to help people concentrate, which is why some people will happily have the TV or radio switched on in the background. It seems the human mind has two attention systems: one that consciously directs focus on the task at hand, but another that is subconscious and tries to steer attention towards anything our senses pick up that could be of significance.

The issues are that while you’re working on a task, this subconscious attention system doesn’t shut down. The system keeps scanning for anything in the peripheral senses. If a task is dull and you’re having to force your attention to stay focused on it, this subconscious attention system becomes all the more powerful. This is where music comes in, by providing pleasurable feelings and non-invasive noise, just enough to keep us engaged.

Distraction and creativity

Did you know, however, that there’s also a link between distraction and creativity? It seems, according to research, that daydreaming regularly, merely staring into space, could mean you’re more likely to be a creative problem solver.

If you see someone who seems to be wasting time just idly browsing on the internet between tasks, don’t be so quick to judge them. Research shows that such people can actually be more productive creatively. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you then that people who are highly creative get distracted more easily than the average human being.

It seems this propensity towards distraction stems from a reduce ability to filter information. So, when someone gets distracted, it might not necessarily be their fault.

How to improve focus and creativity

The good news is there are lots of different ways you can improve your concentration. Here are a few suggestions:


One enjoyable way to improve your focus is to engage in some video gaming or online gaming. Short video gaming sessions have been found to boost attention spans after the session. What isn’t quite as clear is how long this benefit lasts.

You may choose to do this by online gaming instead. One way is to play slots online for fun. Slots are a relaxing form of passing the time. They’re easy to play, which gives the brain a real rest. Of course, you’ll feel good if you happen to strike it lucky and pick up a win, but even if you don’t, you’re still likely to feel good after the game.

Enjoy the process                                           

Often, the tendency is to focus on events rather than processes. Losing weight is an event. The key to improving your concentration, however, is to focus on enjoying the process, not becoming distracted by the event. If you want to lose weight, for instance, you should enjoy eating healthily and exercising. This will help you stay focused on achieving your weight loss goals.

Distraction can be good or bad. If it’s conscious, it’s more likely to be beneficial for you, whereas if it’s subconscious it may not work quite as well for you and could even be much more counterproductive.

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