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8 Strategies for Ending a Losing Run When Placing Sports Bets

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You bet and you lost. After that, you lost another bet. More fails came one on top of another. Online sports betting has suddenly lost its appeal. It’s not always the case that a losing streak indicates financial ruin or that sports betting is over for you. This guide will cover how to maintain your composure during a losing run and offer strategies for winning again.

What Does Losing Streak Exactly Mean to You?

Betting on sports is enjoyable. It’s social, you might feel more dopamine if you win, and it’s an entertaining method to see how much you know about the sport.

Even though you don’t always succeed, the prospect might be thrilling. However, there are instances when a string of losses can take away all the fun. Different people will interpret losing streaks differently.

Examine bettor No. 1 as an illustration.

He has lost all three of his bets on the most recent NBA games.

  • He’s quite familiar with the game.
  • He has a history of betting on NBA games,
  • He’s aware of his own pace.

Because of the stakes he placed and the amount of research he did, his losses were manageable and this losing run won’t bankrupt him.

Bettor No. 2 adopted a strategy of his own.

He tends to open up a bottle of champagne and declare strongly that this is “the one”. “This” football team has what it takes to overcome the obstacles and deliver him the significant gain he has been seeking. However, it turned out not to be “the one”. Then it turned out again. And once more. Oh yes, he seldom ever watches the Premier League.

We think it’s clear where this is going. Even if they both may have gone through a losing stretch, one has put far more on the line than the other.  

Since the Supreme Court lifted regulations on the sports betting sector in 2018, Americans have lost an astounding $245 billion in wagering, and experts worry that gambling addiction has taken hold in the country. For this, those in charge at the best online betting sites in 2024, which are reviewed at, value your safety and transparency when it comes to your betting experience.  

Discover How to Use These 8 Strategies to Break a Losing Run in Sports Betting

1st Tip: Put More Emphasis on the Process and Ignore the Outcome (We Know This Seems Crazy)

Naturally, the end result is important. You’re more likely to get your desired outcome, though, if you concentrate on the process.

Your betting approach resembles a puzzle. You’ll almost certainly lose if any element of the puzzle appears to be big, too little, or simply doesn’t fit at all. Alternatively, to take a different tack, suppose that you have food poisoning. That outcome is terrible, but what matters most is tracking what you ate during the day and figuring out who’s responsible; then refraining from eating that food any time soon (or ever).  

As others around you succeed big, it’s difficult to concentrate on the process. It’s particularly challenging because we usually brag about our victories. There’s a place for luck in sports betting. It can, however, be a fickle mistress. 

These factors are more significant:

  • Conducting the study
  • Making thoughtful selections while placing bets
  • Taking the necessary precautions
  • Possessing the fortitude to endure a losing streak

2nd Tip: Rewind to the Moment When Everything Went to Hell

As a good coach, you’ll look at the big picture if you have just lost a game.

  • What went downhill?
  • From it, what can you figure?
  • What advantages do you have that you can leverage to keep from losing?

A lousy coach will relentlessly criticize and harass you about all of your shortcomings until they become your only focus. However, you get better by concentrating on your advantages and solutions.

Even though losing can be really unpleasant, like a good coach, you should look at the bigger picture and not just the money that was lost.

3rd Tip: Bet Only on Sports You’re Familiar With

It’s far preferable to stick to the sports you know well and capitalize on your skills rather than haphazardly picking a new sport you have little knowledge about.

Even though it would sound like fun to throw a wager without understanding the specific sport’s jargon, it wouldn’t be a good idea to do so in, say, a Toronto curling competition.

There are more factors under your control when you wager on sports you’re familiar with. You’ll be better informed about how various aspects of the game interact with one another and how it affects your wager. This is a proactive strategy to end your current losing run.

You’re concentrating on your advantages if you can reach your preferred markets. This can do more for you than just help you win; it can also give you your confidence back. This might be exactly what you need to get back into the swing of things.

4th Tip: Bring It Back, Sing It Back

If you consistently place winning wagers and see an increase in your bankroll, the temptation to keep playing becomes irresistible. The taste of triumph may be alluring. Strangely enough, there are occasions when losing spurts more regularly and with greater vigor than winning ones.  

Try concentrating on fewer bets if you’re attempting to end a losing run.  In an attempt to hit one of the bets, you could be enticed to spread the activity over multiple wagers. That strategy has the drawback that you will, at most, break even unless you significantly outperform the odds in order to cash in the majority of your bets.

Try limiting the amount of bets you place each day to no more than one or two.

5th Tip: Stay Calm, It’s Not the Athlete’s Fault

Your hysteria is growing as the losses keep piling up. To your astonishment, the player you have been studying for months—the one you think would win this game—turns out to be a mere mortal. It seems like you made the right prop bet. That player, though, ruined it.

Like everyone else, athletes have off days. Your carefully thought-out bets might not end up winning due to luck or a human mistake. Never hate the player, hate the game. However, what if you sense that you’re beginning to give in to the need to act quickly to address your losses?

The first course of action? Take a deep breath.

Here, let’s take a quick look at psychology. Restoring regulated calm in your brain requires that you:

  • Make more thoughtful choices
  • You’re less likely to let a losing streak overwhelm you with that sense of urgency
  • You might possibly find nirvana. Kidding. That’s far way at “Level 100”. “Level 1” is concentrating on your breathing.

6th Tip: Acknowledging Losing Runs as a Process

Let us tell you a secret: everyone experiences losing streaks. They are inevitable when you’re playing the long term. However, dwelling solely on those streaks of loss could drive you slightly insane.  

The most intellectual, knowledgeable, perceptive, or knowledgeable individual in the world would never lose money on a wager. So…

Acquire knowledge. Develop yourself. Make changes and improve.

7th Tip: Listen to Online Sports Betting Advisors

While some skilled tipsters have consistently made money over the years, many are only getting started with a few winning suggestions. The list of websites, blogs, and influencers in the online sports betting space is quite extensive.

Suppose you have a particular interest in UK cricket. Alternatively, you might want a more feature-rich website with a plethora of alternatives. There is a tipster out there for you.

There’s a vast list of experienced tipsters available. They sometimes give their tips for no cost, but more often than not, there’s a cost. Being able to identify an edge is the aim of a sports betting tipster. Not only do they want to guess who’s going to triumph, but they also want to guess with greater accuracy than the bookmaker.

They perform a large portion of the research on your behalf. Much of the advice required to become a successful bettor is also followed by the top tipsters. But they are also human. It’s crucial to conduct independent research nonetheless. But hey, it sounds quite pleasant to have someone else do the research for you, so there’s no judgment here from us.

8th Tip: When Necessary, Take a Break

Perhaps you should step back for a bit, gather your thoughts, and then get back into the game when you’re ready. Both your bank account and your well-being will appreciate it.

Taking some time off gives you the chance to see things from a fresh angle and might help you avoid making poor choices. When you think you have to be winning bets, it can be difficult to take a day off. However, this can be all you need to start over and start over from scratch.

Final Thoughts: 3 Don’ts When Attempting to Break an Online Betting Losing Streak

  • Avoid Trying to Make Up the Loss in One Go

Aiming for five tiny victories is a gamble that’s less harmful than one big bet that might cause more harm than you can bear.

  • Don’t Allow a Losing Run to Discourage You from Online Gambling

Make use of the advice we’ve been discussing and take pauses as needed. When necessary, seek expert assistance as well, but keep in mind that losing streaks are common and affect everyone.

  • Avoid Drinking and Betting

Addiction to gambling is something that doesn’t just happen to others – it can happen to you too. The addiction will only get worse if you add another addictive substance – alcohol. Your wallet (and liver) will be grateful to you if you stay sober while placing your bets.

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