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Our Favorite Pop Culture Rabbits

It’s Easter and while the holiday may have a more reverential meaning for some people, I think we can be honest that the best part of the day is one of the stranger pieces of folklore. Yes, it’s the Santa Claus of Easter…The Easter Bunny. What could be better than a giant rabbit that brings people colored eggs? In honor of the hare himself, here our 8 of our favorite pop culture rabbits.


Image Credit: Looney Tunes Facebook

Bugs Bunny

No surprise here. Probably the most well know of all rabbits (outside of the main man himself), Bugs has been the prototypical modern day trickster character for decades as part of the Looney Tunes. With his well known catchphrase, “What’s up, doc?” Bugs has gone toe to toe with all sorts of foes, and through the use of cunning, disguise and confusion, always comes out on top.


March Hare

Who wouldn’t want it to be tea-time all the time? Along with his buddy, the Hatter, he seems like a great character to let yourself go completely mad with. Alice couldn’t stand being around them, but I think deep down we’d all like a chance to get a little weird.


Image Credit: Touchstone Pictures

Roger Rabbit

A sweet and lovable toon, who just wants to do the right thing and get his named cleared of a murder he didn’t commit. The perfect foil to the hard-boiled detective Eddie Valiant, he’s a great blend of the charm of Bugs Bunny and the wholesomeness of Mickey Mouse, who made their only appearance on screen together in his film.


Trix Rabbit

Possibly one of the most sympathetic characters in pop culture. All he wants is a taste of Trix cereal. Yes, he might use some shady methods to try and get it, but he never does. You can see the desperation in each commercial, and it’s hard not to root for him to finally get one bite. But no matter how hard he tries, he’s always thwarted with a, “Silly rabbit! Trix are for kids.”

Nesquik Bunny

Unlike the Trix Rabbit, the Nesquik Bunny always gets to drink Nesquik. It’s really nice to see a triumphant food mascot for once. Though that does make him a little less interesting than our previous entry.


Energizer Bunny

This product-repping rabbit doesn’t need to worry about whether he’ll get the product or not, because he is the product. What makes him even better is he started out as a parody of Duracell’s bunny, but has since blown passed it to the point where I bet a lot of us didn’t know there was a Duracell Bunny. Plus, sunglasses are cool, drums are cool, and who isn’t inspired by the fact that he keeps going and going and going and going…


Easter Bunny

The Rabbit of the hour. The Hare we’re here to celebrate. Of course the Easter Bunny was making this list. As previously stated, how could you not like a giant rabbit that brings people colored eggs? Also, my Santa Claus comparison wasn’t too far off since in some of the earlier tales of the Easter Bunny, he also evaluated children on whether they were good or bad, which just makes the whole thing even stranger, but somehow better.


The Hare from “The Tortoise and the Hare”

This might be a controversial pick. I’m sure a lot of people would think that the Hare is the villain of the story. Aren’t we supposed to root for the Tortoise? Yes, the Hare is arrogant and loses a race that he could’ve won in his sleep…well maybe not that. But, in his huge upset loss to the Tortoise, the Hare teaches us a valuable lesson. We all have natural talents and abilities, but laziness will ruin them.


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Our Favorite Pop Culture Rabbits. 

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