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iGaming Trends for 2018

Who’s interested in iGaming trends for 2018?  We sure are that’s for sure.  One of the fastest growing industries right now is iGaming with an estimated 11 billion generated in 2016 which even surpassed mobile gaming revenues.  As this sector of online gaming continues to grow, let’s explore a few possible iGaming Trends for 2018.

  1. Virtual Reality

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VR could in fact change the entire landscape for iGaming in 2018 and is a definite technology to keep an eye on for upward trends.  What sets Virtual Reality casino games a part from others is the super exciting interactive experience one can get by tossing on their VR headset and experience everything in a jaw dropping 3D environment.  Everything from the game rooms, slot machines and interactions with other casino players and dealers will seem extremely realistic.  VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and Google Daydream provide great options to play VR casino games.

  1. Smartwatch Gaming

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Wearable tech probably hasn’t been as popular the last few years as some would’ve thought but companies like LG, Apple, Samsung and computer giant Acer still see wearable tech worth investing in   This is because gaming on the go and smartwatch technology in general continue to grow as evidenced by the Apple Watch 2 and Samsung Gear.  While video poker lured early adopters to the smaller smartwatch screen, today the iGaming enthusiast can play everything from Blackjack to Poker on their smartwatch devices.  As of right now, most smartwatches have different operating systems and require separate applications for casino games associated with them but be on the lookout for companies who see the value in creating universal apps that will function on any smartwatch regardless of brand or OS.

  1. Best of Bingo

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Believe it or not, there are millions of iGaming fans who love playing casino type games like play n go as well as Bingo.  Bingo has been trending upwards for several years in the iGaming world and we are sure this will continue to be a part of iGaming Trends in 2018.  iGaming developers know that online players want diversity and now that Bingo is clearly in the mix as an additional revenue path, they have seriously gotten creative when introducing different types of Bingo games.   Traditional games like 75 and 90 ball versions are always available but now you can play other games like Quick Shot and Death Bingo.   The latter being a game in which the person who gets a BINGO is actually eliminated and the last person standing who never got a BINGO is the winner.  How’s that for a different type of Bingo?  There are even Bingo games on Facebook that you can play.
Expect 2018 to be a super big year for the entire iGaming industry.  While legislation and oversight continue to cause major headaches for operators, gamers are still demanding more diverse and creative games, a better experience and of course those large jackpot payouts.
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