Lena Dunham Reflects on Having Her Body “Dissected” During Girls Era

Lena Dunham Reflects on Having Her Body “Dissected” During Girls Era

Lena Dunham will not be the voice—or main character—of this generation. 

Indeed, the 38-year-old recently shared why her experience starring in her 2010s comedy-drama Girls will keep her from leading her new Netflix series Too Much

“I was not willing to have another experience like what I’d experienced around Girls at this point in my life,” she explained to the New Yorker in an interview published July 9. “Physically, I was just not up for having my body dissected again.”

And the writer, who detailed that she suffered both physically and mentally while working on Girls, noted that she instead wrote her new series—a somewhat autobiographical story about a 30-something American woman who moves to England—for Hacks star Meg Stalter

“It was a hard choice,” she confessed. “Not to cast Meg—because I knew I wanted Meg—but to admit that to myself. I used to think that winning meant you just keep doing it and you don’t care what anybody thinks. I forgot that winning is actually just protecting yourself and doing what you need to do to keep making work.”

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