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From Chess to Roulette: The Centuries-Old Games Enjoying Fresh Success

centuries old games

Today we want to share with you some great info on centuries old games.  With another generation of consoles hitting the market it’s certainly an exciting period in the gaming world. However, while the anticipation around those systems might have attracted plenty of attention, it has been interesting to see a more traditional and ancient form of gaming make a few headlines recently too.

Back on the map

The Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit appears to have put chess back on the map in a big way, if reports from Variety are to be believed.

The site has revealed that the show is apparently the streaming platform’s most-watched scripted limited series ever, while it has also inspired a surge of interest in the game which plays a key role in proceedings. Data from NPD Group quoted by the site has highlighted that sales of chess sets in the US rose by 87 percent in the three weeks after the series premiered, while chess book sales were also up by more than 600 percent.

Variety added that Google Trends also suggested that chess had attracted plenty of attention in recent weeks. In fact, data from the service suggested interest among US users had almost quadrupled.

Still going strong

centuries old games

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels

Considering chess is thought by many to have roots that go all the way back to the 6th century, it is pretty remarkable that it is still going strong in the modern age of consoles and mobile gaming. However, it is worth noting that the pastime is not the only classic form of gaming that continues to perform well in the 21st century.

Many old-school gaming experiences have been adapted into digital formats in recent times, with a notable example being bingo. According to sites including ThoughtCo, the classic pastime is thought to have originally emerged from Italy in the 1500s, yet it has become a staple of the online gambling scene in modern times. On a similar note, Royal Panda’s dedicated roulette page reveals how that game has been popular since the 17th century and is now available online in a range of styles. The site includes variations such as Japanese Roulette and French Roulette, as well as live options including Night Club Roulette. Many of the experiences can also be accessed across computer, smartphone and tablet.

centuries old games

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay

Ludo is another classic game which has been thriving recently, thanks to its links to mobile gaming. Inc42.com outlines how the game – which has connections to the ancient pastime of Pachisi – inspired Ludo King, a mobile title from Gametion Technologies which has become a huge hit. The site states that the title was the most downloaded mobile game in India in September, with it racking up more than 10 million downloads. Finally, mahjong has done well in the digital space in recent years and it has inspired luxury offline sets too. Asiaone.com recently revealed how Tiffany & Co has made one which features 150 tiles, 120 scoring sticks and other items in a leather case. The cost to buy it? Around $15,000.

A vintage year for classic gaming

All in all, while it is remarkable to see the statistics and data related to The Queen’s Gambit and chess, it is clear that the latter is not the only traditional pastime that remains hugely popular in this day and age.

This year has seemingly been a vintage one for old-school gaming and it is impressive to see a number of centuries-old pastimes thriving at a time when so many forms of entertainment are readily available. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for such games and whether they can continue to enjoy success in the years to come.

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