Fan Reactions to Josh Radnor’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Debut

Josh Radnor's 'Grey's Anatomy' Debut

The ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy premiered its fifteenth season at the end of September. Fans are already giving mixed reactions. One of the most recent? Josh Radnor’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ debut. Apparently, fans are divided on the idea of Josh Radnor as the new love interest for Meredith. Nonetheless, Meredith Grey’s latest attempt at dating was a blind date with John, played by Radnor, who is perhaps best known for his previous role on How I Met Your Mother. People confirmed that Radnor would be joining the cast prior to the episode’s airdate

Mixed Opinions on Josh Radnor’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Debut

Maybe it’s just the idea of Meredith getting back into the dating game. Maybe it’s comparison to Patrick Dempsey. Either way, it seems as though the widowed mother of three will indeed be dating this season. In last Thursday’s episode, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) seems to hit it off with John (Josh Radnor) until he makes a comment about single mothers. Is that the end of that? Possibly. At any rate, it seems like many viewers are hoping that the romance with Radnor’s character is a no-go. But then again, there are some fans who are all for it and some who simply don’t know how to feel. Obviously, we won’t know what’s happening until the season progresses. Although there is a lot of noise around this subject, Radnor’s reappearance is not confirmed.  Is anyone else team Radnor out there? Take a look at some fan reactions via Twitter below.

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Fan Reactions to Josh Radnor’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Debut. Featured Photo Credit: Getty Images

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