8 Prison Themed Party Ideas and Destinations

Prison Themed Party Ideas

Today we want to talk share 8 prison themed party ideas and destination. A prison party is a unique and entertaining way to experience what it may be like to become a criminal in a controlled environment. Law-abiding citizens may never see what it’s like to sleep behind bars, but multiple destinations pull it off so well you may think it’s the real deal. To get some inspiration for your next social gathering, check out these stunning vacation spots.

Stay in Touch With Your Friends in Prison

While going to a prison-themed party can be a fun experience, our friends currently in jail will need your support to stay motivated throughout their sentence. Prisons will let you send gifts like mail, cards, books, magazines, and pictures as long as they don’t violate the rules.

Example: South Carolina

All incoming mail to a South Carolina prison must have the inmate’s legal name, living unit, SCDC number, and the institution’s name and address. Mail will be opened but not read by the postal staff if they suspect illegal activity. Inmates cannot receive writing materials, stamps, cash, or foodstuffs but may receive books, newspapers, and magazines from a third party. To learn the SCDC number of the inmate and address, follow the link to locate a jailbird.

Destination 1: Sook Station, Bangkok

Prison Themed Party IdeasSook Station is still a regular hotel with a bar, hot tub, and sitting area but transforms into a prison once you check into a room. You’ll sleep behind bars and on bunk-beds in a space as small as a traditional jail cell. Windows will stay closed throughout the night to prevent escape.

Party Idea Take Away 1: Lights-Out and Stripped Pajamas

Sook Station may not be gung-ho about the prison theme, but it does add small touches to dip your toe into inmate life. Customers will receive striped pajamas and a lights-out warning, which will be super fun for your party if your friends are okay with sleeping early!

Destination 2: Karosta Prison, Latvia

If you thought Sook Station was too lack-luster, try Karosta Prison in Latvia. Barely anything has changed since actual prisoners were locked up here, so prepare for an authentic prison experience that lasts from beginning to end – actual striped pajamas and handcuffs included.

Party Idea Take Away 2: Haunted House

Prison Themed Party Ideas

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

To top it off, Karosta Prison is very haunted. While ghost sightings aren’t guaranteed, you’ll still feel an eerie presence when you step into the building. For your next party, try making a haunted house or a room dedicated to horror movies with a prison or a mental hospital theme.

Destination 3: Hotel Liberty, Germany

A cute name for a renovated prison, Hotel Liberty used to be a place for radical thinkers and the “clinically insane.” With 38 rooms filled with beautiful leather handcrafted furniture, it hardly feels like a bad place for a vacation. Hotel Liberty also has an atrium bar, library, and wine space.

Party Idea Take Away 3: Help With Chores

Guests are encouraged to take care of the garden on the rooftop. It’s easy to stay on theme with an idea like that while also getting some free labor in the process. If you have some dirty dishes or sweeping to do, ask your party guests to make a game out of it for prizes and alcohol.

Destination 4: Alcotraz, London

The first and only prison-themed bar in London, Alcotraz, was a three-month pop-up bar that you can’t go to anymore but set the trend for more destinations of its type. Customers will wear orange jumpsuits and be fed alcohol for a session that lasted an hour and 45 minutes.

Party Idea Take Away 4: Prison Themed Cocktails

With cocktail names like “Smooth Criminal,” “Trial of the Century,” and “Jailbreak,” you’re bound to have a good time with these saucy and high alcohol content drinks. You’ll need to have a fair-sized alcohol cabinet to keep the drinks flowing or settle for some rationed beer in cups.

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