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Mizuo Peck Interview

Mizuo Peck’s latest film, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, opens this Friday at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City with an after party at the Natural History Museum — how appropriate. If you are not invited to the opening night, then everyone can enjoy the third installment of this comedy/adventure movie at a local theater throughout the holiday season. The former Vogue model turned actress plays the role of Sacajawea along with other favorites like Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt, Dan Stevens as Sir Lancelot, Ben Stiller as Larry Daley, Owen Wilson as Jedediah, and so many other comedic talents, once again bringing to life a “Night at the Museum.”
Before the filming started, the cast members and crew gathered to welcome each other, share past stories, and enjoy a little music and dance. The director, Shawn Levy, managed to bring together the many of the original cast members including Dexter, the mischievous monkey. During the filming, the acting on set was so surreal that Peck occasionally pinched herself for a reality check. One of the scenes with Robin Williams and Peck called for an affectionate, good night kiss. Since both actors were a little shy and awkward about the kiss scene, she planted an unexpected kiss on Robin before the actual scene to “break the ice,” and all went well with only one take.
When the filming wrapped and everyone hugged and said goodbye, Peck was thankful for the wonderful experience and lifelong friendships. What’s next for her? Finding an evening dress for the premiere, enjoying scheduled personal appearances, and interviews.
In January, the Hollywood pilot season begins, and she plans to audition for roles other than the type-casted Sacajawea. As her career progresses, we can expect to see Peck on Broadway, going back to her roots on stage.
As the movie opens this week, equally important to Peck, is the opening of SELFIE, a photographic journey of society’s perception of themselves and people around them. The extraordinary solo exhibition at the Freight + Volume Gallery in Chelsea is fine art photography by Mizuo’s husband, Jeffery Shagawat. Come join us on Thursday, December 18th for a glass of wine and fine art at its best, or check it out at:
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Mizuo Peck Interview: Portraits by photographer by Caitlin Mitchell, styling by Claudine DeSola, hair by Brian Magallones, and makeup by Nico Guilis. Movie poster courtesy of Fox Movies

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