Movies With Better Trailers

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than falling in love with the trailer of a sure-to-be blockbuster hit only to be a little disappointed in the movie itself. Sure, it had its moments, but where was that intense, bone-chilling rush that the trailer promised? We’ve looked back (and laughed) at our favorite movie letdowns where the trailers was a lot more enjoyable than the film.

1.   Knight and Day
A movie with two huge Hollywood actors is sure to be good, right? Wrong. Knight and Day was sure to be a hit with two A-listers leading the way, but this action movie bombed at the box office. Bringing in only a measly 66 million, Knight and Day made only a fraction of what they expected, and is easily one of the most forgotten Tom Cruise movies to date.

2.   The Last Airbender
Fans of the beloved cartoon on Nickelodeon were devastated when The Last Airbender debuted in theaters. With poor acting and a plot that removed any redeeming character qualities, The Last Airbender was a major letdown to fans. What could have been a promising series ended up with just one movie and a plethora of negative critiques.

3.   Lady in the Water
Sorry, M. Night Shyamalan — this doesn’t seem like the list for you. After huge box office hits like The Six Sense, The Village, and Signs, fans were expecting something equally as thrilling from Lady in the Water. The trailer depicted it as an intense thrill ride, but the movie was more of a baby roller coaster with a nonsensical plot. At the box office, Lady in the Water took a huge hit, losing three million dollars on this production.

4.   Catwoman
What’s better than a movie with Halle Berry in a leather outfit? The trailer. Catwoman was a major movie letdown and even has an infamous Golden Raspberry award to prove it. Despite Halle Berry’s phenomenal physique and respected acting chops, critics and viewers alike were massively unimpressed with this feline catastrophe.

5.   Battle Los Angeles
Joining the league of alien-invading movies, Battle Los Angeles was yet another alien movie with a plot that failed to impress. With a trailer loaded with intense action scenes, Battle Los Angeles definitely did not live up to the hype. As unsurprising as it is to have a poorly done alien invasion movie, it would have done us better to just watch the trailer.

Even the best of trailers can lead to a disappointing movie, whether it be from acclaimed directors or A-list actors. Unfortunately, these were movies with better trailers.

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