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Megan Batoon: Content Creator, Dancer, and Your Next Favorite Style Icon

Frequent dance breaks in front of the mirrored closet in her home office are vital to Megan Batoon’s sanity. This daily “dance dose” is what keeps the actress, choreographer, content creator, and Target-enthusiast running on days when she is neck-deep editing a video or in and out of meetings. But dance isn’t the 26-year-old’s only passion. From starring in Step Up Revolution to producing cooking videos, Megan Batoon is a true entertainer.


As a teenager, Batoon wasn’t much of a dancer. Convinced she had no rhythm, it wasn’t until a coach persuaded the now-choreographer to give it shot that she even considered dance as an option.

“I started seriously dancing around age 18 against my will, actually,” Batoon says. “My all-star cheerleading coach had to convince me after weeks of me shying away from the idea of dancing.”

Once I had a taste of that feeling under the bright lights and after coming off stage, I immediately wanted to keep chasing and experiencing it.

She took to the choreography almost instantly and hasn’t looked back since. For the past 8 years, the dancer has tried nearly every style of dance, but her niche lies with hip-hop.

“My style is classified as Urban Choreography, which a lot of times meshes a variety of dance styles while adding its own flair,” Batoon says. “I recently took my first tap class and felt like I’ve never danced in my life before. I’ve got enough basic knowledge to fake it ‘til I make it, but there’s no faking it with tap. You have to know what you’re doing or you’ll end up looking like you’re trying to get toilet paper off your shoe.”

As dancing became a more and more integral part of Batoon’s life, she began performing small gigs as a backup dancer for various artists in Florida. It was on these stages that her love affair with the limelight first began.

“I loved being on stage. There’s no better feeling (after all the nerves surpass) than having an amazing time performing and in turn, being a part of the reason the audience is having an amazing time,” Batoon says. “Once I had a taste of that feeling under the bright lights and after coming off stage, I immediately wanted to keep chasing and experiencing it.”

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