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Jorge Blanco Talks New Album and European Tour

Life isn’t always the easiest thing to figure out, including who we turn out to be and when we grow up. For the lucky few, there’s an innate security in knowing what works, what’s possible, and what’s within reach. It could be picking the best college to go to, the right company to work for, and for those like artist, actor, and entertainer Jorge Blanco, it could be just waking up and going to that particular audition. This year, the 25-year-old Mexican star has fully immersed himself in the music world and is ready to showcase his efforts with his debut album, set for release this year. Alongside Hollywood Records, Blanco will come full circle revealing his experiences and joy for music for listeners who came to know him as someone else, and those who stay to know him as himself.


Sometimes it’s the little things that matter; Blanco’s journey down his path so far has shown that patience is key. He took the Disney way, participating in the reality show High School Musical: The Selection, choosing the main participants for the Mexican version of HSM, High School Musical: El Desafio Mexico, with a plot specific for its audience. Although Blanco did not win any of the main spots, he starred in a small role and participated in the movie’s soundtrack.

I already loved music. That experience made me love it even more.

Blanco says trying out for a school festival, despite being shy and inexperienced, solidified his decision to choose the arts. “I gave it a shot and loved it. I sang [in the school festival],” he says. “I was always a very shy person, so I had some of my friends join me on stage. None of my classmates knew I sang. It took me a while to lose the fear and do it, but once I did…I have not stopped since that day.”

Blanco says this first experience continues to influence his creative process to this day. “I already loved music,” he explains. “That experience made me love it even more.”

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Jorge Blanco photographed by Quavondo, Grooming/Hair by Sarah Adams, Styling by Yesenia Cuevas

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