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Justin Deeley: Not Your Average Guardian Angel

When thinking of a guardian angel, most people don’t conjure up an image of what could be best described as a model pulled right off of an Abercrombie and Fitch bag, but Justin Deeley portrays just that. Deeley was cast as Paul, the Guardian Angel, for Drop Dead Diva’s season 5 return to Lifetime after fans wouldn’t let it end with season 4. Along with playing the heavenly (pun intended) Paul, he can also be seen in the upcoming film Geography Club where he plays a football player struggling to feel comfortable with his sexuality. Deeley chatted with Cliché about his new roles and some hobbies. And don’t forget to catch him as the not so average guardian angel on Lifetime.

Cliché: What appealed to you about the character?
Justin Deeley: He has a very childlike spirit, and I think that that is something that resonated with me. It’s something that I can relate to greatly. You know I like being a goofball, and that’s what Paul is. It’s just this, and I’ve said this so many times, it’s that six year old that lives within everyone. It’s a carefree spirit that is not concerned with judgment. So, he’s a lot of fun to explore from that standpoint.

How was it coming into a show that had finished filming four seasons with most of the characters staying the same?
You know, I had this similar situation with 90210, the project I worked on before, and it felt exactly the same. And that is, when you are coming into it, it’s like starting at a new school. It’s that anxious, nervous feeling you get when starting a new school. You know, everyone is back from “summer break” or hiatus. This is a group that has had a nice chemistry built over the past four years, and you are just hoping to fit in with it, and they have been nothing but warm and so loving to me. We are about halfway through shooting, and it’s been nothing but a positive, wonderful experience. I’m very honored and humbled to be part of such a talented and loving cast.

Why do you think the film [Geography Club] is important for teens to pay attention to?
I think for a number of reasons. One being if a person is dealing with sexuality identity, I think part of the film’s message is ‘it gets better’ and there are people out there for you. My particular character is a superstar athlete, which most people from a stereotypical standpoint would never assume that that would be the case, but my character was star quarterback and had to battle with these feelings, and he was in love with a student at the school. That aspect is that there is no stereotype on it, it’s just standing by who you are. That’s the kind of message that the film is telling.

I’ve read you play guitar. Would you consider a musical career or is that something you do for fun?
I would love to have a music career, but God didn’t grant me the voice. In another life I would say I would come back as a country music singer. I do enjoy playing guitar. It’s something I picked up doing and got serious about a couple years after I moved to LA, and I just play for fun, songs that I love. I have a guitar teacher, and when I’m back home in LA we meet up and jam. I just, I can’t sing. It’s not in the cards for me. I’m terrible. [laughs]

What’s next for you?
Right now, we have more episodes to film with Drop Dead Diva, and from then on, who knows? Hopefully we get picked up for a sixth season, but when I get back, I’ll go back to the classroom and study and whatever is meant to come along, I believe, will. That’s one thing I’ve learned in five years. Everything seems to work out even though it seems that everything is against you, but at the end of the day it works out for the best. There is nothing I have planned right now. At this point in my career, I enjoy the project I’m on and take each day at a time.

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