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Jonathan Sadowski on Season 3 of ‘Young & Hungry’

“As a kid, I had a bunch of hobbies and I was always entertaining in one way or another,” actor Jonathan Sadowski tells me as he thinks back on his life before he got into the crazy world of comedy and showbiz. “My brothers and I would play a game called ‘make me laugh’ where we’d perform sketches for each other and whoever laughed had to perform the next sketch. We would play this game for hours at a time.”
In school, Sadowski spent his time playing the piano and performing magic tricks for the annual talent show. On weekends, he would work a booth at his local flea market with his dad where, at just 8 or 9 years old, he would haggle with the customers, putting on a character of his own. Still, it wasn’t until a school trip with his fine arts club to see a performance of Phantom of the Opera at The Auditorium Theatre in Chicago that Sadowski realized this performance bug wasn’t going away anytime soon.
“My first audition was for the movie The Perfect Score, which, funny enough, my buddy Leo Nam wound up getting the role I auditioned for. I was pretty nervous. Honestly, it all went by so quickly in the room. I was a little intimidated by the whole process,” he says. “But, like anything else, the more I auditioned, the more I got comfortable. Auditioning is a skill set in its own.”
After nabbing roles on fan-favorites such as American Dreams, Entourage, and She’s The Man, Jonathan found the script he’d been waiting for. “Aside from being really funny, the script was well written and it had a very clear story. I wanted to see where the characters were going to go. There were so many possibilities,” Sadowski says about the pilot of his hit ABC Family show Young & Hungry, where he stars alongside Emily Osment as Josh Kaminski, a young, self-made tech billionaire.
Jonathan Sadowski by Ted Sun (“He’s a big kid. He has a big heart and he wears his emotions on his sleeve,” he explains when I ask about his character on the show. “He is loyal to a fault, and he will protect his friends with every fiber of his being. Josh and I are similar in that way. I think those are all qualities I possess and try to exude on a daily basis… especially the ‘big kid’ part!”
Filming is underway for Season 3 of Young & Hungry, and so I challenged Sadowski to reflect on the past few years of the show. “Oh man, so much has changed!” he says. “Josh and Gabi have been on-again, off-again. Elliot is married. Sofia teaches spin class. That’s the beauty about a show with longevity. Season 1 is all about exposition and getting to know, and fall in love with, the characters. Then, once that is out of the way, the fun begins.”
Season 2 aired over the summer and into the middle of fall, and Sadowski says it was great because both the actors and the audience are getting to know these characters more deeply. “You get to go with these characters on their individual journeys,” he says. “They become part of your circle of friends.”
Even though the next season doesn’t air until Spring 2016, fans enjoyed a special holiday episode, which aired on November 24. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what is in store for the eccentric group.
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Jonathan Sadowski on Season 3 of ‘Young & Hungry’: Photographed by Ted Sun

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