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Blazer: RNT23; Hat: Goorin Bros.; Shirt: Azul by Moussy; Pant: Neuw Jeans; Bag: Ecco

Seeds of Yesterday, Maslow’s first feature film outside of BTR, is also quite the drama. The Lifetime production follows the plot of the fourth book in V. C. Andrews’ Dollanganger series and touches upon Andrews’ recurring themes of family secrets, love, and loss.
“It was an interesting experience because it was one of the darkest roles I ever played,” Maslow explains of the film. “It’s very exciting. I looked at this film as an opportunity to do something different and show my fans and the rest of the world that I can do something other than comedy. As much as I love comedy,” he reassures me, “I’m passionate about doing more dramatic roles in the near future.”
Not only did V. C. Andrews’ status of a New York Times bestselling author draw him to his role in Seeds of Yesterday, but he was also excited about joining the cast. “I loved working with Heather Graham, Rachael Carpani, and Jason Lewis,” he says. “It’s really great to work with new people and I’m very blessed to have a cast that was as passionate as doing a great job as I was.”
Speaking of passion, when asked if he was more passionate about singing—be it solo or in a group—or acting, Maslow pauses. “I’m passionate about both, so it’s hard to pick just one,” he says after some thought. “At the moment, I’m busier with acting, between having just filmed Sequestered and Seeds of Yesterday, and now I’m filming another movie, Wild for the Night, so acting’s my priority. However, I’ve been singing for the longest, so I try to prioritize one at a time to do each very well.”
While on the subject of priorities, it’s obvious fitness is high up on his list as well. After all, sculpted abs don’t just happen over night, no matter how much we wish they did. So what’s his secret?
“Exercise to me is a priority every day, or at least four or five times a week,” he explains. “It’s a lifestyle.” Apart from simply looking great, Maslow also says exercising makes him feel great. There’s a great confidence, he believes, that comes along with it. Aware that staying fit requires much discipline, Maslow dedicates time to exercise before or after working, which is usually either really early in the morning or really late at night. “It’s harder to work out when filming,” Maslow laughs, “but I try to make time.”

Sweater: Rogue State

For the future, Maslow hopes to release new music; he cites John Legend as musical inspiration and would love to work together with him or Ariana Grande, who is a friend of his, someday. He also has serious plans about upping his social media game.
“I want to get back on YouTube,” he says matter-of-factly. “I think I’m going to get back on that and make it a more consistent thing.” Maslow admits to having only dabbled in it previously, but has realized how YouTube has begun to replace television in much of the youths’ and particularly his fans’ lives. Now, he’s eager to get back on YouTube to connect with his fans on a more personal level. “It gives me an opportunity to do whatever I want,” he says further, admiring the freedom of it.
By now, I start to realize: singing, acting, dancing… what doesn’t this guy do? I prod: what about Broadway?
“I love theater!” he says. “I grew up in theater. I think it would be amazing to go to New York and do a three- or six-month run someday.”
Broadway—without a doubt—would be perfect for the 24-year-old, who could make use of his plethora of skills all at once and easily sell out shows, like he did while on tour with Big Time Rush. It’s safe to say that we both realize it’s only a matter of time.


We chat again briefly one evening after our photo shoot, and when he calls, I can hear train whistles blowing in the background. He wasn’t lying when he said he is always on the move. “I just left the set of Wild for the Night,” he explains. “So far, it’s great. I’m so excited for this film.”
The film, directed by Benny Boom, is an indie thriller following Maslow’s character, Wyatt, a man seeking revenge for his sister’s murder. Since filming began, Maslow has been keeping his fans updated by posting in-character selfies and cast photos on his Twitter page. The film is projected to release sometime in 2015.
With the New Year on both our minds, I ask Maslow if he has a special resolution for 2015. He pauses for a moment to consider this. “I want to learn to allocate more time to my friends and family,” he says sincerely. “As passionate as I am about work, I realized it’s important to enjoy some downtime, too, and to make more time for them. I just want to enjoy life.”
Before he speeds off into the night, he admits that although the future is compelling, sometimes it can be a very scary thing.
“There’s no way to predict what you’re going to do in the entertainment industry,” he says. “It depends on what roles are available and what you audition for and what music you write. But I couldn’t be happier with how this year has come together, and I’m really looking forward to next year.”
After hearing the sincerity and the smile in his voice, I can only guarantee him that we are, too.
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This James Maslow Interview titled “Back to Business” was originally published in Cliché Magazine’s Dec 2014/Jan 2015 issue
Photographer: Quavondo, Stylist: Sherah Jones, Makeup/Hair: Lysette Castellanos
Featured Image: Blazer: Ron Tomson; Shirt: Azul by Moussy; Watch: Rolex; Tie: RNT23; Belt: Tru Maker; Pant: Jacob Davis

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