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Cover Story: Interview with Ksenia Solo

_MG_4279doneThat answer kind of leads up to our next question. What do you like most about playing Kenzi?
I love how brave she is and I try to learn from her all the time. I love how direct and loyal she is with the people that she cares about.  I love how she carries her heart on her sleeve.  All her fears, traits, and quirks. To me, she has always been a limitless character that has given me the freedom to explore her in all her ups and downs, through the comedy and drama.
Do you see a lot of yourself in Kenzi?
You know, when Lost Girl first started, I had no idea how I was going to play her. To me, it was kind of a scary undertaking because I had never played a role like this before and it took me a while to build this character.  But I really enjoy what she’s become.  From being someone completely foreign to me, from how she walked, talked, and operated, to someone that has taught me a lot, especially after all these years.  I am starting to see myself in her. So, it’s been a really interesting, layer-by-layer building of everything.
Are there any hints or clues you could give us as to what’s in store for Bo and Kenzi in season four?
Some of the cast has said that this is the most difficult season to talk about because there are so many spoilers.  I am very excited about this season, and the main reason is that it is full of more surprises and twists than ever before.  I really loved the fact that the show went darker this season.
Anna Silk (Bo) said recently that our showrunner Emily Andres said that  (this season) our lows are low and our highs are high. So, the audience is in for a wild ride this year. It will keep everyone on the edge of their seats, and after all, that’s what we do, keep people entertained.
We have some really amazing guest stars this season, starting with George Takei who was in the premiere. He was a total joy to work with, along with Mia Kirschner and Kyle Schmid, who are both really phenomenal actors.
Was there anyone that you had been hoping to work more with that you were able to for season four?
Yes, and I think in this season we all had the chance to experience relationships that we hadn’t before.  I don’t want to sound like a Hallmark card when I say this, but we have a great cast. Everyone has a very different way of working. Everyone has his or her own specific style. I personally love to bounce around and have scenes with everybody. In terms of who I would love to work with more, that’s a very hard question to answer.

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