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While vampires have been the center of attention for the past few years, MTV’s Teen Wolf proves that every dog has his day and that werewolves are still one of the most fearsome, sexy beasts alive. A great case in point is Cody Saintgnue. He is sinking his teeth into the hearts of fans, including the writers, as Teen Wolf’s Brett Talbot. It is thanks to this love that Brett was able to keep his head past his first appearance (“Brett was supposed to have an early expiration on the show!” Saintgnue admitted) and take all kinds of names as he fights with his packmates against all threats, no matter how deadly.
“[Playing Brett has been] very surreal,” Saintgnue said. “I always thought playing a supernatural character would be loads of fun… and it has indeed been that way!”
_DSC9877-Edit-Edit-2When asked which creature he’d most like to battle, Saintgnue answered in true badass form: with a kanima. For those who aren’t sure what that is, a kanima is basically a genetic mutation of the were-genre. Due to mental factures, a person bitten by a were-being may transform into a were-beast, or something much worse: a humanoid reptile-like creature with strength past that of an alpha wolf and a thirst to kill whoever his or her master wishes. Since Saintgnue’s character, Brett, is a beta wolf, this means this epic battle may be a bit one-sided, but would still be worth tuning in for. Can you imagine what he’d have to do to win that fight?
Saintgnue goes on to say that Brett is an amazingly loyal person who deeply cares for others, and this is a quality he can relate to very much. “I feel like Brett can be trusted,” said Saintgnue. “I think he’ll always be a loyal member of his environment. He’s like the reluctant hero, if you will.”
Much like Brett, Saintgnue strives to make sure that others know their importance and wants to make the world a better place for his fellow mankind. However, the wonderful elements of his personality definitely clash with some of the series/films he has been in, such as Preservation, Criminal Minds, and All Cheerleaders Die, all of which strongly focus on the darker side of human nature. It does make one wonder if he enjoys that type of genre more than lighthearted features. When we asked, he stated that, “I, for whatever reason, do resonate more to the darker, edgier styles of filmmaking, but I equally enjoy taking on the more lighthearted roles. I love making people laugh. I guess I just love entertaining.”
In addition to his role on Teen Wolf, Saintgnue is also working on a few short films that he is set to produce and act in. He even has some short films in production with Max Decker over at MD Studios. Hopefully one of these upcoming projects will let us see the funny guy behind all that fur and sharp teeth!
If you have ever wondered how Brett would fair in the mob world, you’ll kind of get your answer. In 2016, Saintgnue will appear as a hitman in the film The Mafia Ain’t Dead, written and directed by Richard Emmanuilidis. Saintgnue describes his character, Nino Staiano, as “a tough kid from the streets” with “a bit of a gambling problem” who helps Joey Brusco, a down and out boxer, resurrect their own mafia to prove to the public that the mob scene isn’t gone. Greed, deception, and murder ensue.
“I guess the only thing that could be considered the same is the loyalty factor,” said Saintgnue when we asked him about the similarities between the film and Teen Wolf. “The mob is very much like a ‘pack’ and loyalty is key. But other than that, it’s going to be a whole other playing field.” In the meantime, be sure to tune in to Teen Wolf to see how long our beloved Brett can keep his head on his shoulders.
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Cody Saintgnue Interview: Photographed by Kyle Ledeboer

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