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Cara Santana Interview

Fashion and beauty guru Cara Santana has a thing for all things glam. Noticing her interest as a young private school girl with a creative imagination, Santana sees no reason to start pumping the breaks. With her endless list of projects (including her popular mobile application, The Glam App), this busy bee breathes and lives acting, fashion, and beauty. From her dynamic work schedule and various acting roles to her beauty app and blog, try keeping up with this innovative one!
Cliché: Give us a rundown of a typical day with Cara Santana.
Cara Santana: My day starts around 7AM with coffee and a workout; I love to start my day energized. Then it’s about an hour of emails for The Glam App. I’ll head into the office and review appointments, events, etc. Afterwards, I’ll shoot a blog post, prep an audition, go to a meeting, or head to set; it really depends on what is going on. There is a lot of freedom and time management that goes into being an artist and business owner. I like that every day is different and there isn’t too much monotony. I’m always busy, but it’s always a new task, event, role, or situation, so I’m always on my toes.
I read that acting is your first and greatest love. What was one of your earliest memories of acting?
As a little girl, I was always drawn towards escapism and make-believe. I would create an alternate universe of myself, where I would completely emerge myself in this new world I created. I would make up this world full of characters and completely mold their lives down to their favorite color; that was my first memory of acting. My parents saw this and knew they needed to get me into theater camp and I’ve been immersed in the art ever sense.
What is one of your earliest moments when you realized you love fashion?
As a young girl, I went to a private school where everyone wore a uniform. I hated looking the same as everyone else, so I was constantly trying to figure out how to create a unique look while wearing what everyone else wore and it was that creativity and individuality that gave me a love for fashion. Similarly, when you create a character, one of the first attributes you think about is physical appearance. I realized the way you look was in direct relationship to representing who you were and I loved the power in that.
Cara Santana_01It seems like all the old trends are back: overalls, platforms shoes, the ‘90s grunge look, sneakers, etc. What is one trend that you can’t get into?
To me, it’s all in the presentation. It’s not the trend, but the way it’s worn that makes or breaks a look. Fashion is an expression of oneself. If it is genuine, it will always translate.
What are some of your favorite stores and websites to shop at?
I’m a Barney’s girl—what can I say?
Do you have any fashion icons?
I’m into women who are trailblazers, such as Coco Chanel and Katharine Hepburn; women who are individuals and aren’t afraid to stand out. To me, icons set the trends, not follow them. I draw inspiration from different things, such as traveling and pop culture, but when I think of my fashion icons, I think of those women who did things no one else did.
What is one destination that you’ve been dying to visit?
I’d love to visit Israel.
What are some beauty products you can’t live without?
First Aid Beauty. It is my essential must-have for skin care. Their products treat my skin perfectly, are organic, and do not contain parabens.
Who are some of your favorite actors/actresses?
Maggie Gyllenhaal is my number one actress. Everyone who knows me knows that, and if I could have a career like anyone, it would be hers. As far as actors are concerned, I’m ride or die for Sean Penn. He’s everything.
What are some projects that you are currently working on?
I’m wrapping up season 2 of Salem, which has been an amazing dream job; I’ve loved working on the show as Sooleawa. I also filmed a cool independent film called Smart Ass. I’m writing my first screenplay that is now in pre-production and, at the same time, I’m launching my beauty app, The Glam App, nationally. We are in six cities now and have about 29 more to go by the end of the year. Not to mention working on my blog, CaraDisclothed.
When you aren’t working as a fashion/beauty guru and actress, what do you like to do?
Are there any future plans or projects that you’re working on?
I’m very excited about my new movie Steps.
What is one of your dream goals?
To be happy and continue to have drive and ambition, and to never be satisfied.
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Cara Santana Interview: Photographed by Ian Maddox