8 Vital Essay Elements You Should Never Miss

essay elements

Essay Elements

As one of the most common forms of academic writing, essays are often assigned to students of all academic levels and on nearly all subjects. Despite its commonness, essays still remain the type of task students struggle with the most. So, if you are just about to write another paper like this, chances are that some extra help will not hurt.

In case you lack time or skills, you can resort directly to report writing help by WritePaper. WritePaper is a top-rated academic help service that can handle any type of paper for you and secure a high grade. However, if you are up for this challenge and want to write a brilliant essay yourself, read on, and we will tell you about the top eight must-have elements of this paper that you shouldn’t miss!

Essay Elements

Purpose and Compliance With Guidelines

Whether it’s an admission essay or a paper for one of your classes, most often, it will have at least a few guidelines, such as a word limit, number of sources, citation style, etc. You should never miss out on reading and comprehending the given instructions. Even if you decide to find a trusted writing service to handle the task, you will still need to specify your requirements. So, knowing the guidelines is a must.

Similarly, every paper should have a well-defined purpose. It might not be explicitly stated in your teacher’s guidelines. However, it’s always hidden in the type of work you have to do. Namely, the purpose might be to inform, entertain, persuade, compare, etc. Be sure to clarify the core purpose before you get to work. 


The next crucial element of an essay is its title. Sometimes, you might be given one specific title or a list of subjects to write about. Unless that, you will have to decide on a title yourself.

In the second case, focus on two pivotal metrics – provocativeness and descriptiveness. A perfect title must perfectly reflect the subject of your paper while also provoking interest and thought.


The next element is something many students tend to miss in their papers. Writing an outline can be rather boring and time-consuming. However, it’s the secret hack to proper structure and a simplified writing process. So, if you want to handle the assignment appropriately, you should always craft a thorough outline in advance.


When you finally get to writing, the first crucial element is your intro. Traditionally, it will only take one or two paragraphs and include the following:

  • An attention-grabber, such as a quote, statistics, rhetorical question, etc.;
  • General background information that familiarizes the reader with the core topic;
  • A “road map” to what you will be talking about further in your work;
  • A thesis statement that represents your stance on a topic.

Include all these features and combine them into a logical and intriguing intro that makes the readers want to learn more.

Essay Elements


The body section represents the biggest bulk of your text. It can consist of two or more paragraphs, depending on the topic’s complexity and the required word count. Traditionally, every paragraph in your body should include:

  • A topic sentence representing the central idea of a paragraph;
  • Supporting evidence that confirms the idea;
  • Brief wrap-up and a transition to the next part.

Important: To maintain a logical flow of information, you must focus on a single idea in every paragraph and make sure they follow in a logical order.


The final paragraph of your text should summarize the points and ideas provided earlier and restate the thesis from the introduction. It should never present new ideas if you don’t want to confuse the reader. But it should provide your audience with something to think about after they finish reading to make your work memorable and impactful.

Evidence and Examples

Although it was mentioned earlier in the “Body” section, it’s worth emphasizing the huge role of evidence and examples in every kind of essay. Evidence and examples are the core paper elements that demonstrate your topic expertise and research. They help support your claims and achieve the purpose of your work. So you should never miss them.

List of References

When using quotes from experts, collecting arguments from studies, or providing examples from literature, one way or another, you are using someone else’s work. In order to prevent this from being perceived as plagiarism, you MUST include a thorough list of references to every academic essay.


Writing a killer essay is never easy. Luckily, these days, students can find the best essay writing service and get rid of their complex tasks without harming their grades. But if you still want to overcome this challenge on your own, now, you know how!

In this guide, we talked about the most monumental essay elements that should be present in every work. Use this as your checklist to handle such tasks easily and score high grades!

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