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What Celebrities Love To Do in their Spare Time

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While we all have our favorite celebrities, shows and movies we obsess about all the time. Everything from the designer clothes they wear, the gossip, their love lives and the latest gossip to the fancy cars they drive and huge homes they live in we are always wanting to know the latest and greatest. Something we don’t always take time to think about however is what celebrities to outside of their day job. We’ll take a closer look at what some celebrities stars are passionate about outside of being on the big screen.

1. Volunteering. Everyone knows of Angelina Jolie’s amazing volunteer efforts and interests in humanitarian efforts but did you know that Seth Green has volunteered for both Habitat For Humanity and Doctors Without Borders in several countries around the world? Ben Affleck even created his own organization called the Eastern Congo Initiative, which works with local communities and organizations to support victims of sexual violence and to help improve access to health care for at risk families and children.

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2. Start Their Own Business. Jessica Alba launched the Honest Co. back in 2011 but it took several years of hard work to start seeing success. The Honest Co. which sales diapers, bath and baby products is now valued at close to 1 billion dollars. Robert De Niro has become a quite successful businessman over the last decade. De Niro co-owns several food chains that include several restaurants throughout the world. Nobu, his upscale sushi restaurant now has over 24 locations spread out over the U.S. South Africa and Japan.

3. Gambling Of Course. Celebrities have to spend their millions in some form or fashion right? Well there are a few celebrities that top the list of most famous celeb gamblers. While most place bets outside of the casino, online casinos like Casino.com allow you to gamble in the comfort of your own home. They have a great list of online games to choose from including Great Blue, European Roulette and Blackjack Multihand5. They offer the highest quality of graphics, game instructions and an easy to use interface making for a great time. Right now you can even get a welcome bonus.

casino photoWe know that there are a lot of celebrities that play online casino games but to protect the identity of their customers, most online casino sites aren’t allowed to share with us which celebrities use their platform. Casinos on the other hand are generally public and it’s super easy for us to see who owns the poker tables and betting lines. As an example, Tobey Maguire, the former Spider-Man has easily made over $10 million with his skillful Poker play. Tobey has competed in the World Series of Poker on several occasions and has been known to be a pretty sore loser. Floyd Mayweather Jr., the now retired but undefeated boxing champion has made millions in the ring and outside of the ring. In 2014, Floyd collected over 1 million dollars in his bet over an NFL game. Back in 2015, Floyd won a reported 800k in one weekend betting on NBA games and a boxing match.

So you see it’s not all about the latest tweets and movie trailers. Celebrities keep pretty busy when their away from the screen.

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