K-Syran Talks About Her New Single “So In Love With You”

Believe it or not – if there is one breathtaking, elegant multi-talented Norwegian star who is taking the entertainment industry by storm – it’s no other than Katrina Syran. Katrina is a force to be reckoned with, on and off the screen. Not only is Katrina an actress, director, author, singer-songwriter – but she is also an activist in women’s rights. We chatted with the actress and singer-songwriter about the meaning behind the song, “So In Love With You,” her main goal in her music career and much more. 

Let’s just put it this way: Katrina – known musically as K-Syran – is an old soul. From an early age, Katrina had her sights set on the acting world – and was ready to make her mark in show business. At 5-years-old she was told she was going to be an actress. Then at age 6, her parents took her to see Oklahoma! West End in London and she didn’t want to leave the musical. She remembered crying after the musical because she wanted to see it again. When she was in school whenever her teacher would say anything about there being a play, she was always the first one to go. A short time later, she started acting and went to the RADA & Guildhall School Of Music & Drama in London. She was lucky to be the first Norwegian to get a lead part in the West End. Then she got married to a Swiss man who told her they’d go to Switzerland for a few years where there are a lot of theaters, movies and artistic things. In addition, she was singing in classical jazz groups and singing opera. Lastly, music has been a big part of her life.

If one thing’s certain, being a multi-talented celebrity isn’t as easy as one thinks it is. But, according to K-Syran, when it comes to balancing and managing her life and work goals, it’s actually quite doable. “I think if you have a supported partner I think you can achieve a lot. But I think without this supporting partner I think it would be impossible so I have to give my husband the credit.” Also, it’s worth mentioning that she has four children to take care of aside from working. 

One way K-Syran is boosting her music career is her new collaboration with SoneBridge and a remix by Luca Debonair, “So In Love With You.” StoneBridge would send her a couple of rhythms and then she began writing the lyrics and different melodies. Afterwards, StoneBridge would pick the melodies he thought were cool. K-Syran added, “I enjoy listening to jazz music and dance music since I have been working with a lot of DJS.”  

When asked about the meaning behind the song, K-Syran mentioned it’s a good theme song and she was inspired by a friend’s rocky marriage. She wants her followers to know marriage is hard work and that you should still fight for your marriage. 

K-Syran also touched on her creative process when it comes to her music career. Everyday I will be on my iPhone and will write down lyrics or ideas that inspire me,” adding, “I love the iPhone since you can record if there is suddenly a melody that pops into your head.” When it comes to her goals in her music career, she’s focused on performing. Over the years, she has done a few festivals, including Gay Pride, which is a celebration of love. She has fond memories of everyone singing and dancing with each other. 

K-Syran believes that writing lyrics, music, and melodies is a way of expressing yourself. “As an artist, you feel unhappy if you cannot express yourself in any form,” she says. Also she noted that during the COVID-19 lockdown, she wrote a children’s book. 

Not only is K-Syran one to watch in the music industry, but she’s a rising star in the show business. Her latest film, Hounded, was a UK thriller. But that’s not all. She will also be in a movie called The Lady from the Sea, which is slated for release this year. She hopes it will come out in festivals. 

The best advice K-Syran received was from Sue Parrish, who is the artistic director of a women’s company called Sphinx Theatre Company in the UK. K-Syran had a role and the director had an exercise where she felt very uncomfortable and she didn’t get it. K-Syran said, “I was thinking this is not me and I can’t stay on. Then, I remember Susie telling me, ‘Katrina, you will ask him what the purpose of this exercise is and if he cannot explain himself, you are going to quit.’” So she decided to quit since the director didn’t have an explanation for the kind of exercise that he did. 

Mick Jagger is K-Syran’s professional role model. She has always been in love with Mick Jagger and thinks the energy he has is unbelievable. She also wants to have the same energy that he has forever. 

Last but not least, K-Syran will be launching with some sparkling wine and an amazing app that will help artists. She’s definitely busy!

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K-Syran Talks About Her New Single “So In Love With You.” Photo Credit: Steve Beckouet.

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