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Julius Cowdrey Tackles Two Types of Heartbreak in Pair of New Singles

To Julius Cowdrey, music is therapy. The former Made in Chelsea star views his lyrics as a vehicle through which to process his experiences and emotions. “If This Is Love Then I Must Hate You” uses heartbreak with a girl as a metaphor for disillusionment at the hands of a duplicitous music industry. In a similar vein, “Better Day” grapples with being betrayed by someone you loved and thought you could trust. Through it all, Cowdrey hopes to illustrate that painful experiences can make you stronger. You can listen to “If This Is Love Then I Must Hate You” and “Better Day” HERE and HERE.


Cliché: You’re originally known for the reality series, Made in Chelsea. What was that about your time on the show that compelled you to leave and focus on your music career?

Julius Cowdrey: I went onto MIC for exposure for my music and it gave me just that. I had done a year and it just felt right to leave and focus solely on what is most important to me!

You’re very open about love and loss in your songs. Do you ever have difficulty being so vulnerable in your lyrics, or do you look at it as a catharsis?

I look at it as catharsis and therapy! I don’t know what I’d do without music and being able to write about what I have been through. Weirdly I find it far easier being vulnerable when singing than I do when speaking.

Talk about your new single, “If This Is Love Then I Must Hate You.” It’s certainly not your typical heartbreak anthem.

I went into the studio not wanting to write another song about a girl. At the time of writing this song I was in a very happy place girl-wise! It’s actually written about my heartbreak in the music industry and disguised as heartbreak with a girl. I’ve had a rough ride with past managers and sharks that roam in these muddy music waters and it was on my mind that day. I wrote this song with Benjamin Totten & Jack Hawitt who have both been let down hugely in this industry, so we all related and therefore the writing process was easy.

What do you mean when you say you’ve been heartbroken by the music industry? What similarities do you find in being let down by the industry versus being let down by the women in your life?

It’s similar, music is a love of my life, I have highs and lows with it but I give it my all and truly nurture it like I do a relationship. When I got let down hugely and went through a really tough time with this industry, I almost let go and gave up on it entirely, I’ve been through this in relationships. The thing about music, it brings me too much joy to say goodbye forever.

Your music is unique in the way that combines painful lyrics with positive, uplifting beats. Why do you feel it’s important to transform moments of pain into inspiring anthems of positivity and optimism?

I’ve always been a half glass full kind of guy. Even though I go through pain (like we all do) I always try and flip it into a positive. ‘What did I learn from it?’ ‘How have I been impacted positively by it?’ I guess I want people to show people that even though life can bring you upset, adversity makes you stronger. You must always try and smile through it and realise that good times are around the corner!

“Better Day” is about an ex-girlfriend you thought was loyal, but she turned out to have a hidden side to her. Do you think that experience made you less trusting? Did you learn anything about believing first impressions?

Being betrayed and let down by someone I loved so deeply was heart wrenching and I’ve never been through heartbreak like it. In Better Day I sing ‘I guess angels can walk on the dark side.’ It’s scary really, but I guess people can have a dark/hidden side. I don’t know if I would treat the situation differently if I had to relive it and all I can do is right by me. I hope I don’t walk around with past baggage in future relationships, I hope I can continue to be trusting.

Which artist would you love to collaborate with and why?

Sia, her voice is the most believable of any singer I’ve heard. I’d love to write and duet a huge anthem with her!

What’s next on your radar?

New releases. I plan to release more than I have ever before. I want to keep creating music that people will hopefully love!


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Julius Cowdrey Tackles Two Types of Heartbreak in Pair of New Singles. Photo Credit: Freddie Stisted.

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