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Brit Daniels Talks Pop Music and Her Inspiration

From a young age, rising star Brit Daniels has had a deep passion for music. Before she was born, her mom would put headphones on her pregnant belly because she wanted Daniels to love music like she did. Not much later, Daniels was belting out “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in her backyard at the age of 2 and her parents knew she was destined to be a musician. Daniels was recording by the age of 13 and started really getting to know herself as an artist.


Originally from Texas, Daniels stayed local and attended the University of North Texas to study Radio TV and Film. After interning in radio, she moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music. There, she started out as a pop country singer and then quickly changed her mind after some experience.

“We were doing more pop country because it was easy to fill up more shows,” she said. However, somewhere along the way, she discovered that country music was not her niche. She began to focus primarily on pop music and had “never been happier.” She is currently working on new music and is excited for her fans to see what she has to offer.

Inspired by artists like Halsey, Selena Gomez, and Zendaya, Daniels is striving for her unique sound. She describes it as “dark pop,” which has a fun, pop aspect to it but with a moody vibe. Daniels loves producing this kind of music because it “hits you in the heart” as opposed to being like “bubblegum pop.” Her new song, “Shadows,” embodies this dark sound.

“I love this song so much,” said Daniels. “It turned out better than I can imagine.”

My goal is to keep cranking out music and to develop more as a person and an artist.

Daniels worked on this song with one of her friends, Jonathan Perkins, and they created something that everyone can relate to.

The song is inspired by one of her friends who had recently gone through a breakup. Since almost everyone has experienced a breakup, Daniels wanted to put the feeling into words, which turned into this relatable, hit single. “Shadows” encompasses how, when you lose someone, you are almost haunted by the memory of them. You “feel them, see them, and hear them.” This is something Daniels is all too familiar with.

When Daniels was in the midst of figuring out her music career, her father, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty. This tragic situation really changed Daniels and she had to learn how to get along without his guidance and support. Daniels started redefining who she was as a person and as an artist, and channeled her emotions through her music.

“My dad constantly inspires me. He is in everything I do,” she said. Her father was always an inspiration to her and was her biggest fan. He always encouraged her to follow her dreams, and that’s what she did.

In addition to the music video for “Shadows,” Daniels is putting out new music and getting her name out there. “My goal is to keep cranking out music and to develop more as a person and an artist,” she said. Touring the world and sharing her music with others has always been a goal of hers and Daniels intends to keep working hard so she can accomplish it. She has overcome many challenges to get where she is today, but she continues to move forward to keep achieving her dreams.

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Brit Daniels Talks Pop Music and Her Inspiration: Photographed by Dana Patrick

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