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Miley’s Risque Concert Video

As if Miley Cyrus wasn’t already creating enough headlines with her crude behavior, and brand new rebellious attitude, her concert video will definitely be creating some more. Miley is currently resting up and recovering from a severe allergic reaction, that caused her to cancel lots of performances that are apart of her Bangerz tour concert. Fans who’ve already been to the pop star’s concert will recognize the super-sexy video, which plays as a show intro before Cyrus takes the stage.
In the artsy black and white video, titled “Miley Cyrus: Tongue Tied,” the 21-year-old singer wears only black duct tape in the shape of crosses over her nipples and tiny black panties. Otherworldly images flash across the screen while Cyrus’ body appears tied up with ribbons of cloth, bondage style. (E News)
Cyrus does some crazy acrobatics as she hangs from suspended ribbons almost naked. Talk about baring it all! Later in the video, Cyrus cries black tears with oil painted over her eyes. She then smears the black oil all over her chest, breasts and stomach. It’s not long before her body is covered in oil as she dances and sways about. Of course it wouldn’t truly be a Miley video unless she stuck her tongue out a few times right? Which she does at several instances in the video.

(Image courtesy of E News)

I have a few mixed feelings about the stimulating concert video. Although Miley has completely altered her image and is this new edgy kind of girl, most of her fans are young girls in the 14-18 age range, and I don’t think this video is sending a good message. Call me a prude, but what does swinging half naked from a ribbon and having duct tape on your nipples have to do with the actual musical purpose of the concert? For the sake of art and creativity I think the video excels in those areas, but as for the rest of it Miley’s risque concert video gets a complete thumbs down from me. There are plenty of other ways to showcase your talent then just showing your body, and I know Miley is capable of doing so. I wish her the best of luck in her career, and congratulate her on her extreme success with the Bangerz album and tour.
Watch the steamy video for yourself right here. Miley’s Risque Concert Video
(Featured Image courtesy of E News)
(Video courtesy of Nowness.com)

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