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With the release of her new single, “In Time,” Long Island’s own Gina Cutillo has reemerged has one of the hottest rising names in pop. With prior hits “Let’s Just Go!” and “Remember You,” Cutillo already has quite the name and following behind her. With her eyes set for a big 2014, she is already planning to be a part of the Dewey Beach PopFest and the Jersey Shore Music Festival both this coming May. Cliché’s Heather Glock caught up with Cutillo as she prepares for what is sure to be her biggest year yet.

Cliché: The pop scene tends to be inflicted with images of half-naked, crazy costumed women in order to make themselves stand out. As a woman who does not follow these “standards” and has had success, what advice would you give to aspiring young ladies looking for a career in the music business?
Gina Cutillo: This is going to sound very cliché, but you have to stay true to your heart and who you are. If running around with spinning globes on your head means something to you, then do it. Don’t be contrived. I have changed my looks and sounds throughout my career and, because I was truthful, people believed in me, and we have continued on with this wonderful growing love affair together. [laughs] I love pushing boundaries on stage with my performance. Looking good is important to me as well, but I haven’t felt the need to throw on a bikini space suit. Yet…

Has motherhood changed your views or values of certain aspects in the music business?
Absolutely, but here’s the thing: it’s called a business for a reason. Just because music is such a part of a person and an art doesn’t take away the fact that it’s a business, so I have always seen the music business for what it is. Motherhood has only helped me say… right this little boys life I’m in charge of out ways anything this business throws at me so keep it coming! My desire for success is even stronger now because of my little guy, but he helps put things into perspective, yes.

As a mother and an artist, do you hope to one day raise your son to be active in the music industry?
Oh Lord no! [laughs] I want him to be a nice lawyer or doctor. He’s so musical already, so something tells me he will be bitten by vampire la musique no matter what I want.

 Gina Cutillo 2You have performed at Warped Tour in the past. Where do you see yourself next?
Opening up the big stages for Madonna or such like artists.

Your music has been heard in various places such as Nickelodeon, Mean Girls 2, The Food Network, etc. Is there some place that you’ve always dreamed of hearing your own works?
Yes, in constant rotation on commercial radio and the new iPhone commercial. I’m very close with the guys over at APM (licensing company) and I tell them all the time my wants and needs. I keep writing catchy songs and they know to keep fishing for my perfect placement.

Can you tell us about your weekly web show?
Well that’s me in the raw. It’s very different from my stage persona. I’m silly and unscripted. I get to interview celebrities and act out about my home life, husband, and crazy family. It’s a different kind of fun than the Gina Cutillo rock-your-socks-off music artist. Everyone should check it out. It’s on and called “Gina.”

What does writing music mean to you? Why do you wake up every morning and do what you do?
What doesn’t writing music mean to me?! [laughs] I don’t know why I do it. It’s just this innate drive I have. I love to make people feel. I love to express myself with words and sounds, then give it to other people. I’m kind of a healer, I suppose. Music has helped me through so much in my life, especially on the listening end, so I want to give that back and it’s still the best job in the world!

 Gina 1

You are balancing recording, a web show, live performances, and motherhood. What’s your secret to staying in one piece?
Oh, I look like I’m in one piece? Fantastic! I feel like I’m losing my mind every day! [laughs] It really is all about balancing and that innate drive I was talking about earlier. When you really want something and it means the world to you, you’ll achieve it. No excuses. You just find a way to do it! Be true, be kind, always get back to people, and be a little bit of a bitch.

You are currently quite the busy bee in the studio. What can you tell us about the new album? Are there any plans to tour?
I’m recording the new album a few singles at a time. In this music business climate, you have to keep putting music out there; fans of music now are very single-based. I am recording an album and it’s my deepest, rawest, and sexiest to date, but I’m releasing the songs as they are completed. The next single “Fly (Feel Love Tonight)” will be a number 1 hit. I said it here first! I will do a major tour when my songs call for it. Right now we are jumping on a festival here and there because I’m recording. We will be at the Jersey Shore Festival May 17th 5OM (Seaside Heights). Definitely come down!

Gina Cutillo Interview: Photographed by Heather Glock

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