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Kim Kardashian Undresses for Paper Magazine

The Kardashians are know to have scandals follow them, some true and some not, but this time Kim Kardashian intentionally set out to make it her mission to be the center of attention and “break the internet” enlisting the help of Paper Magazine. Kim Kardashian undresses for Paper Magazine and basks in every moment of it.
The first photo she released was a recreation of the famous 1976 “The Champagne Incident” photo by Jean-Paul Goude who was also the mastermind behind Kardashian’s Paper Mag photoshoot. Many loved it and appreciated the nod to a historic piece of art, but then things took a turn.
After the release of her rendition of “The Champagne Incident” another photo surfaced and the social media world went crazy.
This photo sent people into a frenzy and sparked the creation of memes and others recreating this already infamous photograph:
And then there was comedian Chelsea Handler who had her original post removed by Instagram, managed to post it again and had a few words to share.
Paper Mag tweeted the fully exposed photo with the caption “We know you came for the article.” Many were outraged by the choice Kardashian made not only as a woman, but a mother, to pose fully naked for this spread after stating on numerous occasions that she would no longer participate in nude photoshoots.
Kardashian doesn’t seem phased by the comments of the critics or anyone else–Naya Rivera.
Although part of her job, was Kardashian wrong for her actions and agreeing to do the shoot? Her best friend Jonathan Cheban doesn’t think so stating, “Yes, Kim is a mother, BUT WHO CARES… have you ever heard of a MILF?!”
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