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Kevin Feige Drops Intriguing Hints About The MCU In Ant-Man and the Wasp Featurette

After the conclusion of Avengers: Infinity War left fans stunned, seeing those same fans looking into what’ll happen next is kind of a no-brainer. While details on Avengers 4 have been scarce, it looks like Kevin Feige has broken his silence and given fans their first tease.

The President of Marvel Studios recently appeared in a new featurette for Ant-Man and the Wasp where he briefly spoke about the film and how it fits in the MCU timeline. And apparently, Ant-Man and the Wasp connects directly to Avengers 4. Kevin Feige confirms that aspect in the concluding moments of the featurette which can be seen below.

While Feige doesn’t elaborate on how Ant-Man and the Wasp connects to the following Avengers film, it most likely has something to do with the Quantum Realm. It’s the one place that’s still unexplored and could hold a key to stopping Thanos. Set images from Avengers 4 have shown Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) back at the Battle of New York which took place in The Avengers so there’s reason to believe he uses the Quantum Realm to travel back in time—or possibly to another reality. Keep in mind that there may be another explanation for how the two MCU films connect to one another.

Additionally, Kevin Feige subtly confirms Team Pym’s intent to retrieve Janet Van Dyne from the Quantum Realm. In the featurette, Feige talks about Janet being stuck in the Quantum Realm and how Team Pym will rescue her. His words are followed by a scene of Lang (Paul Rudd) explaining to Hank and Hope that he saw Janet inside the Quantum Realm. Lang’s dialogue is accompanied by a shot of a doorway and a vessel that’s likely an entrance to the dimension. Michelle Pfeiffer was also spotted on the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp walking with Hank Pym of the present day, adding more evidence to the claims of Janet getting out of the Quantum Realm by the film’s end.

In any case, Feige’s comments about Ant-Man and the Wasp means Ant-Man has an important role in the next Avengers film. Now, it could be a minor role but if the set images we’ve seen are any indication, Ant-Man likely has an important role to play in the coming events. Let’s just hope he’s not a casualty in the final bout with Thanos because that would be a tragic end for such a beloved hero.

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