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JWoww Blasts TMZ Over Hurtful Joke Article

TMZ posted a joke article yesterday titled “Lil Kim Wowwing NYC With Her Baby Bump”, that featured a pregnant JWoww out and about in NYC.
The article reads “Looking like she just spent the weekend getting her GTL on, Lil Kim walked the streets of New York today sporting the latest in guidette style…which is an odd look for the 39-year-old rapper,” (TMZ) The joke article which was obviously mocking the Jersey Shore star, and comparing her to Lil Kim who is also pregnant, was definitely not taken lightly. Hours after the story posted, JWoww took to Twitter to blast TMZ for their insensitivity with a shocking statement and a photo of herself flipping the bird.
JWoww’s Twitter post read “@TMZ for making fun of someone 8 months pregnant and her makeup! Keep sucking that d–k on the street corner,”. Whoa! Talk about a woman scorned. JWoww’s BFF Snooki supported her by retweeting her photo and choice words to her own 6.9 million Twitter followers.
I guess JWoww felt that she may have taken it a bit too far because minutes later she posted a sort of apology via Instagram, apologizing to any of her fans who were offended, but made sure to add “Kiss my ass tmz and every other hater.”
JWoww blasts TMZ over hurtful joke article, and I feel she had every right to do so. TMZ went for the jugular by coming for a hormonal pregnant woman. They obviously messed with the wrong one. I think JWoww’s response to the article was more than appropriate, and TMZ deserved every bit of her anger. It’s hard enough to be yourself without people constantly criticizing your every move. Way to go JWoww!

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